July 4, 2022

For Emmanuel Macron, it is “desirable” that reason and religion live “side by side”

In a text published on the “L’Express” site, the President of the Republic hopes that France will continue to be a “nation of citizens free to criticize and free to believe”.

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“I deeply believe that there can be continuities between God and science.” Emmanuel Macron confided his vision of the articulation between reason and religion in a text published Tuesday, December 20 on the site of L’Express. “Yes, science and God, reason and religion, can therefore live side by side, sometimes even feed each other, writes the president. This is even desirable, since the aspiration for reason and the need for transcendence coexist in each of us. ” Thanks to secularism which “makes this rich cohabitation possible”, France “will continue to be an infinitely rational and resolutely spiritual nation”, assures the Head of State.

Emmanuel Macron begins the text by vigorously defending science. “Never, undoubtedly, humanity has needed it so much”, he believes with reference to the Covid-19 pandemic. And yet “The questioning of scientific discourse has continued to develop in our societies. Conspiracy is gaining ground and taking more and more extreme forms, as evidenced by the growing hold of the QAnon movement”, adds the president.

“Religious fundamentalism, and its totalizing explanations which privilege faith over reason, belief over knowledge and exclude constructive doubt, is becoming more and more significant.”

Emmanuel Macron

in “L’Express”

According to him, “the advent of the era of ‘everything is worth’ every day disqualifies a little more the authority of the researcher, whose word is put on the same level as that of the commentators”. Emmanuel Macron therefore wishes that “the whole nation is mobilizing to oppose conspiracy the enlightened reasoning, to relativism the culture of facts and the recognition of the scientific authority, to fundamentalism a Republic firm in its defense, strong of its values, nourished by its debates “.