January 18, 2022

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The group stages are over! Now it’s time for serious things with the draw for the play-offs of the Europa League and Europa League Conference 2021-2022. No French club (cocorico) in C3 since Lyon and Monaco are already in the eighth, but very heavy in perspective however. On the other hand, who will have the honor of rubbing shoulders with Marseille in C4?

The participants in the Europa League Conference:

Series heads

Maccabi Tel-Aviv
FK Partizan Belgrade
FK Bodø / Glimt
Randers FC
Slavia Prague
PAOK Salonika
Vitesse Arnhem
Karabakh FC

Non-seeded heads

Sparta Prague
PSV Eindhoven
Olympic Marseille
FC Midtjylland
Celtic Glasgow
Rapid Vienna

The play-offs of the Europa League Conference 2021-2022:

The live of the draw:

13h46 : Re. Good, while waiting to know who will be cooked by OM, something quite crazy and unprecedented: the draw of C1 will be completely redone from 3 pm! Sacred UEFA meatball.

13h40 : Summary of the draw for the play-offs of the Europa League:
Sevilla FC – Dinamo Zagreb
“Bergame” Atalanta. Olympiakos
RB Leipzig – Real society
FC Barcelona – Naples
Zenit Saint Petersburg – Real Betis
Borussia Dortmund – Glasgow Rangers
Sheriff Tiraspol – SC Braga
FC Porto – Lazio Rome

13h29 : @Totti Chianti: I am answering you a little late, but I think that the direct gave you an answer: we are only entitled to the roadblocks today. For the eighth draws, meet at the end of winter.

13h25 : That’s it for the Europa League! This Barcelona-Napoli promises a superb poster for these dams, as does Porto-Lazio. We leave ourselves a quarter of an hour before resuming with the Europa League Conference or Marseille is expected. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to zap RMC Sport 1 if you want a frame-by-frame tactical analysis of the draft error that took place for the C1 earlier. See you soon.

13h21 : Sheriff Tiraspol-SC Braga and Porto-Lazio to finish! This latest poster also promises a nice fight.

13h20 : Borussia Dortmund will face the Rangers, orphans of Steven Gerrard but who remain a good scratching hair.

13h19 : We continue with Zénith-Betis. Difficult to draw a favorite between the two, slight advantage for the Betis anyway?

13h18 : BOOM! Barcelona – Napoli! We keep the poster for these dams!

13h16 : RB Leipzig – Real Sociedad! Here is a beautiful duel.

13h15 : Atalanta – Olymiakos, that should pass for the Dea.

13h14 : First poster: Sevilla FC – Dinamo Zagreb! We are starting strong with the six-time winner of the competition and host of the final this year, let us remember.

13h13 : That’s it ! The draw begins! And this time, no blunder, guys.

13h11 : Really, couldn’t they use an online raffle generator? It would go much faster casually. But hey, that would be much less exciting, that’s for sure.

13h09 : I’m especially jealous that I don’t have Arshavin to shake the ball. What a player, what a man, what an era.

13h07 : Which is longer between: the pizza ordered on a Friday at 9 p.m. and the introduction of the UEFA draws?

13h00 : DING! DING! It is one o’clock. Let’s go gentlemen! Pedro Pinto as the host of this draw.

12h57 : Well, since we have time before seeing the first ball be drawn, we make a prediction? Glory to the one who makes 100%. For my part :

Royal Society – Zénith
Betis – Leipzig
Naples – Dortmund
Lazio – Seville
Rangers – Porto
Olympiakos – Atalanta
Braga – Barcelone
Dinamo Zagreb – Sheriff Tiraspol

12h50 : We have time for a very quick hot debrief: Chelsea-Lille and Manchester United-Paris Saint-Germain, what does that inspire you? I’m afraid the great Lille campaign will stop quickly, while UEFA is scheming as well as the FIA ​​in Formula 1 to offer us a CR7-Messi duel.

12h47 : We will first focus on the C3, the draw of which is supposed to start in fifteen minutes. The main names? Barcelona, ​​Dortmund, Seville, Leipzig, Atalanta, Porto, Naples, Lazio, Betis and Real Sociedad. We sweat profusely.

12h45 : Hello friends ! Well recovered from this fire draw in C1? I hope because we continue with the same excitement for the Europa League AND the Europa League Conference. Double the fun, just for you.

By Fabien Gelinat