May 22, 2022

fifteen and twenty years in prison required against the main defendants

The victim was alone facing a “pack” : the prosecution requested, Thursday, January 27, in Paris sentences of fifteen and twenty years in prison against two men accused of the murder in the Bois de Boulogne, in August 2018, of Vanesa Campos, 36, a worker of the undocumented transgender sex who exercised in this park.

Advocate General Olivier Auféril asked for the heaviest sentence, twenty years of criminal imprisonment, for Mahmoud Kadri, 24, named by all of his co-defendants as the one who shot Vanesa Campos on the night of August 16 to 17. 2018, which he disputes.

Against Karim Ibrahim, 29, also referred to the Paris Assize Court for “organized gang murder”, the representative of the prosecution requested a reclassification in “complicity in murder” and a fifteen-year prison sentence.

The Advocate General also requested five-year prison sentences, one of which was suspended, against six other defendants aged 23 to 34, for their participation in the punitive expedition that led to the murder. or for the theft of the murder weapon.

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“A feeling of omnipotence”

The latter’s lawyers began to plead in the afternoon, asking the court not to “validate the prosecution’s case” and not to “Let yourself be caught up in general condemnations” required, without distinction of the personalities of each.

For the eight defendants of Egyptian origin, the Advocate General also requested a ban on carrying weapons and a ten-year or permanent ban from French territory.

Peruvian-born Vanesa Campos was killed “in sordid conditions”, near his place of work, in one of the most remote places in the Bois de Boulogne, devoid of public lighting, recalled the representative of the public ministry. She had found herself “naked, defenseless, facing the finish [d’une] pack », a group of about ten young men, armed and “galvanized by a feeling of omnipotence”, underlined Olivier Auféril.

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Some admitted that they robbed the clients of sex workers, which forced them to hire men to protect them. That night, the ringleaders wanted “regain control of the territory by putting an end to the resistance of prostitutes”, pointed out the Advocate General.

In this case where “several versions clash”, from “contradictory, evolving versions”, the representative of the prosecution said to proceed “by deduction”.

The verdict is expected on Saturday

Who fired the stolen pistol a week before in a policeman’s car when he was with a prostitute? Is it Karim Ibrahim, as asserts – and he is the only one – Mahmoud Kadri, for whom his co-accused “agreed” to convict him? This “conspiracy theory seems unbelievable to me”, swept the Advocate General, for whom “Mahmoud Kadri is the shooter” et Karim Ibrahim, the last ” partner in crime “.

Olivier Auféril requested that the accusation of “organized gang murder” alleged against Aymen Dib be reclassified as participation in a criminal association, “no element” having, according to him, confirmed that he had indeed stabbed the victim.

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His two and a half hour indictment, after fifteen days of a chaotic hearing marked by various incidents, was interrupted by insults towards him from one of the defendants, Mahmed A., who was once again expelled from the box. . His lawyer, Michaël Bendavid, implored the court to “to rise above [du] distressing spectacle » given by his client, who was not “not part” of the gang of thieves and therefore had no “no motive”. “There is no indication that he was present at the time of the violence”, Mr. Bendavid insisted, asking for an acquittal.

“There is a principle: doubt benefits the accused”, also hammered the defense of Karim A., who denies any participation in the violence.

Defense arguments continue Friday. The verdict is expected on Saturday.

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