January 25, 2022

Feminicide in Le Havre: hospitalized spouse, history … What we know about the case

The spouse of the victim found stabbed in the kitchen of the marital home, the main suspect in his death, was hospitalized automatically. (© Illustration / AdobeStock)

He had “been immediately arrested and placed in police custody” after his wife’s body was discovered on Saturday December 11, 2021 around 3:30 p.m., lying on the floor of the kitchen of the marital home, located in the Bléville district, in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime).

Main suspect in the murder of his companion, a 52-year-old man was hospitalized automatically in UMD (Unit for difficult patients) indicates, Monday, December 13, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Le Havre.

Impaired judgment diagnosed

If a first examination of the victim’s body by a forensic doctor allowed “to note the presence of numerous wounds compatible with stabbing, located mainly at the level of the chest and the neck “, the deputy prosecutor, Cyrille Fournier, specifies that the autopsy must still take place this Tuesday.

In a first hearing, the suspect “reported an argument with his wife who would have degenerated”, but “the psychiatric expert considered that his discernment was abolished”, he continues. He also indicates that “the hearing of the daughter of the victim (adult and no longer living at home), made it possible to learn that her father had been suffering from a severe depression for several months and that he had quit his job as an agent. of security. “

“No history in the archives”

The daughter of the victim also specified that “apart from a few arguments, her mother had never suggested to her that she could be a victim of domestic violence”, always specifies the deputy prosecutor, adding that the criminal record of the defendant is blank , and that no antecedent has been found in the archives.

“An investigating judge will very soon be seized of these facts in order to continue the investigations, to have confirmation or not of the abolition of the judgment of the main suspect and to take any safety measure in the event that his hospitalization of office would end, ”he concludes.

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