January 24, 2022

FC Nantes: the notes of the Greens, beaten for the premiere of Dupraz in the Cauldron

Zapping But! Football Club ASSE: Laurent Hess’ editorial on the management of Bilal Benkhedim’s hope


Little requested by the fairly unentering Nantes, he bowed on the slalom of Kolo Muani, shot by the Canaries striker. His raises at the foot earned him the remonstrances of Khazri …


Timorous in the first half, like the team, the former player from Dunkirk was more conquering when he returned from the locker room. He tried to bring danger into his hallway, but his initiatives were unsuccessful.

NADE (5)

The former Quevilly player was once again the most solid defender in Saint-Etienne. He won his duels and relaunched with some confidence. He gains confidence.


Kolo Muani easily erased it to go score. This tarnishes his otherwise solid performance.


The Brazilian let Kolo Muani go also on the only goal of the meeting. He had done pretty well so far.


In the midfield, Camara was active. He scratched balloons but his technical waste was still important. Replaced by MOUEFFEK.

NEYOU (3), then YOUSSOUF (4)

Neyou came down very low to try to ensure the first raises but he missed easy passes. Inconsistent, he was replaced at half-time by YOUSSOUF, still so messy and far from his best level.

NORDIN (4), then DIEYE

Right winger, Nordin was less successful against Lafont than against the goalkeeper No. 2 of Lyon-Duchère in the Coupe de France … The Canaries goalkeeper defeated him twice in quick succession (62nd, 63rd) . Replaced by DIEYE.


In support of Khazri, Boudebouz failed to put the team on the right track in the first half. More to his business when he returned from the locker room, he gave a caviar to Nordin (63rd) before giving way to young LHERY.

TRAUCO (4), then AOUCHICHE (5)

Repositioned a notch higher by Dupraz, Trauco was the first to worry Lafont, volley (19th). But he had a lot of trouble finding his place, playing with his back to the game, combining with Silva. Replaced at the break by AOUCHICHE. Inspired, the Parisian Titi brought his technique and combined well in small spaces. But he crushed his first strike too much (53rd) and completely unscrewed the second, while he was in a good position (92nd) …


At the peak, Khazri has scarcely explored the Nantes area, spending his time dezoning. On a bad night, he only worried Lafont about a distant free kick (90th). Disappointing.

to summarize

ASSE ended its year 2021 with a new defeat, against Nantes (0-1). The 5th in a row for the Greens, strong red lantern of L1 … A flash of Kolo Muani precipitated this new setback for the Stéphanois, who only played half time, the 2nd. Insufficient…