January 18, 2022

Fauve Hautot winner of DALS 2021 with Tayc: her darling, Jules Renault, congratulates her

Evening won for Fauve Hautot and his partner Tayc who won Dance with the Stars 2021. A feat that the dancer’s companion did not fail to compliment.

This Friday, November 26, the duo formed by Tayc and Fauve Hautot won season 11 of Dance with the stars after weeks of fierce competition, against the pair formed by Bilal Hassani and Jordan Mouillerac. The emotion was obviously there and the relatives of the winners did not fail to congratulate them on social media after the show aired. This is particularly the case of Fauve Hautot’s companion, Jules Renault with whom the dancer has been in a relationship for several months already, and who shared a photo of the duo in the final on his Instagram account. In the caption of this photo, he added the words “Soup after after prouuuddd“or more simply “Super super proud“.

In addition to having witnessed the victory of his beauty from behind the scenes of Dance with the stars on November 26, Jules Renault therefore wanted to let his entire community of followers know. how proud he is of his girlfriend. He also did not fail to congratulate Fauve Hautot’s dance partner, Tayc who, for weeks, gave his all to beat all his competitors. And the efforts paid off for those who are, despite the various wishes of the public, only friends. For his part, Fauve Hautot also wanted to thank his partner for all these good times spent together but also the public.

Fauve Hautot: “A huge bravo to my little heart of love”

It was so crazy, so happy, so beautiful. THANK YOU very much to You. Dancing on this floor every Friday was … unbelievably good for the heart. Thank you TF1, BBC France, DALS_TF1 for all these moments that you make us live. What a final … (…) Bravo to all the teams who are doing a crazy job to make this show a pearl. I like it so much. And a huge BRAVO to my little heart of love, you have been remarkable. I enjoyed dancing with you so much during these three months. THANKS, strong“. For its part, Tayc also thanked the dancer of DALS by telling him to have “learned a lot of things (…) whether on the human level, on the technical level, on the level of dance or on the level of life “. A great experience for all those who had the chance to live it.

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2/12 –

Fauve Hautot and his companion Jules Renault
Fauve Hautot won DALS 2021


3/12 –

Fauve Hautot
The public thought they saw sparks within the pair


4/12 –

Fauve Hautot
Fauve Hautot has been in a relationship for a while

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5/12 –

Fauve Hautot
She’s with Jules Renault


6/12 –

Fauve Hautot
The latter congratulated his companion

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7/12 –

Fauve Hautot
He posted a story on his Instagram account


8/12 –

Fauve Hautot
He says in his story that he is proud of his girlfriend


9/12 –

Fauve Hautot
Fauve Hautot and Tayc managed to beat all the other duets


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Fauve Hautot
They were against Bilal Hassani and Jordan Mouillerac in the final

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Fauve Hautot
Fauve Hautot is a professional dancer


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Fauve Hautot
She is also an actress