July 7, 2022

excesses to be expected against FC Nantes after sanctions against the ultras?

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This afternoon, the pre-match and the PSG match against FC Nantes will be marked by the festivities organized by the Supras to celebrate their 30th anniversary. This ultra-present group in the Auteuil kop had, at the time, received a boost from Canal + to act as a counterpart to Boulogne. The encrypted channel, which had just taken over the management of the club in the capital, wanted a shift less politicized but just as active as that animated by the infamous KoB.

But if Auteuil will be celebrating, Boulogne will be under high tension. Indeed, L’Equipe tells us that PSG has suspended three of its associations, the Block Parisii, the Paname Rebirth and the Resistance Parisiennes. The last two are prohibited from entering the Boulogne stand for six months but can go elsewhere in the stadium. The first is suspended for a year. It called its 200 members to a protest demonstration this Saturday… The Block Parisii is accused of a banner deployed during the clash against OL referred to a failed fight with the Lyon hooligans, the presence of KoB stickers in the turn and especially the theft of the Paname Rebirth tarpaulin on the evening of the match against Leipzig. Racist insults were said to have been uttered during this attack. PSG would fear a return of the far right in its bleachers …

A demonstration of angry ultras will take place this Saturday

The ultras Block Parisii group will demonstrate this Saturday before the match between PSG and FC Nantes. In question, his suspension for one year of matches at home and away from the club of the capital, following a decision of the management.