July 4, 2022

“Even if we feared them, we were not prepared for attacks of such magnitude”

In the ” I remember “ national tragedy of November 13, 2015, there is the sweetness of an autumn evening just before, the hours of anguish and terror during, and the voice of François Molins after. An accent of rococo, an elocution without eloquence, a singular alchemy of restraint and rigor which magnetized on the screen at “Molins hour”, when the Paris prosecutor delivered the first elements of the investigation into the attacks which left 131 dead and dozens injured. It was six years ago almost to the day. When he came to the bar of the special court of assizes in Paris, Wednesday, November 17, everything came back. François Molins speaks and we listen. It is a fold that we do not get rid of.

Before him, the former Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, who had become a lawyer, had delivered an impeccable but terribly smooth plea for three hours in favor of his action at the head of his services. The first words of François Molins, now Attorney General at the Court of Cassation, are humble. “I would like to say two things in the preamble: these terrorist attacks could not be avoided. I have always experienced this type of situation as a failure. And all was not perfect, far from it. At the Paris prosecutor’s office, we did, I believe, at best, giving the best of ourselves. ” He immediately added: “I find it normal to come and explain myself for that, because we are acting on behalf of the French people. “

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On November 13, 2015, François Molins was one of the very first to go to the scene of the attacks. When he arrives at the terraces of La Bonne Bière and Le Carillon, “It is 10:15 pm to 10:30 pm, there is still no investigator. A brave sergeant from the 11e arrondissement takes off his bulletproof vest to give it to me. ” The voice of the former Paris prosecutor capsized when he spoke of the scenes that presented themselves to his eyes. He recovers, tells the rest. The head of the terrorist section, Camille Hennetier – who today occupies the place of the public prosecutor in this trial alongside two other magistrates – joined him on the spot, they left together for the Bataclan. “I don’t know anything about the massacre that is already underway and the hostage-taking. We arrive around 10:45 pm We set up the PC in a bistro with the Paris police prefect, Michel Cadot, and the head of the BRI, Christophe Molmy. At midnight, Molmy submits the assault plan to us. We will quickly validate this plan. ” They follow the assault live on the radio with which the prefect is equipped, learn that all the hostages are safe and sound..

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