June 30, 2022

Eurozapping: Boris Johnson in turmoil, the Russians show the muscles against the French



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In the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson is again in turmoil, after the leak of a video concerning a party which he nevertheless assured not to have given in full confinement. Over the Black Sea, French planes have been stranded by Russian fighters.

Boris Johnson is in turmoil because of a Christmas party that took place in full confinement. Last year, when all meetings were banned by health measures aimed at stemming the epidemic of Covid-19, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom hosted an evening. Boris Johnson has repeatedly denied, but a video has leak. We see his spokesperson ironically about this evening, in front of part of the Prime Minister’s team.

“This so-called party was a business meeting and there was no social distancing”, Explain Allegra Stratton, all smiles. In Parliament, voices demand the resignation of Boris Johnson, who claims to fall from the clouds. “I understand how infuriating it is to think that the people who set the rules didn’t follow them. And I apologize to the country ”, said the latter. Faced with the scandal, Allegra Stratton resigned Wednesday December 8. Over the Black Sea, in the middle of the international zone, three French fighter planes were stranded by Russian fighters. The latter felt that the French were too close to their airspace.