May 13, 2022

Euromillions: 100 players will become millionaires this Friday

JACKPOT – La Française des Jeux is launching an exceptional draw for the Euromillions this Friday, January 21. It will allow 100 people drawn to win one million euros each, in addition to the prize pool of 17 million euros put into play.

“A rain of millionaires”… The promise of the Française des Jeux (FDJ) is enough to give ideas of escape and the open sea. On the sidelines of the classic Euromillions draw, where 17 million euros are up for grabs this Friday, January 21, the FDJ is indeed offering a special operation: 100 players, drawn at random from the nine participating countries (Austria, Belgium, Spain , France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, United Kingdom and Switzerland), will win the sum of one million euros, regardless of the result of the draw and the numbers checked.

To try to win the jackpot, nothing could be simpler: “players make their classic bet with a physical or digital grid. On the game receipt, they will find their Euromillions numbers as well as a unique additional code, assigned automatically”, specifies the FDJ. During the draw, 100 codes will be chosen at random. Note that in France, a player can also win a million euros with the My Million code.

Suddenly, this Friday morning, in a district of Marseille, everyone had their own trick to try to turn the tide. “I played in different places”, launches a lady, questioned by the 1 p.m. news, in the video at the top of this article. “I played all the dates of birth. My daughter on the 12th, my other daughter on the 16th, my wife on the 18th and me on the 23rd”, says another resident. And among tobacconists, many have come since Thursday to buy one or more grids, because even if it means betting as much as possible to maximize the chances.

But what would you do with a million euros? Some already have their idea: “If I earn 20 million, I help others, but with a million, I think I keep them or share with my family”, launches a young woman. “I would make a lot of people happy, I would do all my little homeless people a favor, it’s essential”, continues a volunteer. A concern for altruism shared by other passers-by. “Nowadays, people have to be generous and supportive because we have lost all these notions”, nodded two residents.

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It now remains to tick the 5 correct numbers and the two stars. What is certain is that France is rather lucky since it now occupies first place in the ranking of jackpots won within the Euromillions community. Since the game was launched in 2004, France has had 116 jackpot winners; the UK is close behind with 114 winners and Spain follows with 113 winners.

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