May 22, 2022

Euro (M) | The Blues achieve a feat against Denmark

Hugo Descat and the French dominate Denmark

Victory was mandatory tonight for the French team. The Blues found the Olympic vice-champions of Tokyo in a meeting that looked like the final. A meeting dominated by the Danes, where the Blues will win on the wire (29-30).

On the side of the Blues, Mahé of the city and Nicolas Tournat are positive for Covid-19, while on the Danish side Nikolaj Jacobsen put to rest Mikkel Hansen, Mathias Gidsel, Magnus Saustrup and Jannick Green.

A nightmarish first half for the Habs

It is the Danes who will strike first in this meeting. Dika Mem will be countered on his first shot, while Romain Lagarde will come up against the post. The Danes got into their game much better, helped by Kevin Moller (3-0, 3′). Hugo Descat comes to open the scoring for the Blues on a 7m throw (3-1, 4′). The Danish central sector is in great shape. The start of the match is very complicated for the tricolors, which forces Erik Mathé to take his first time out after 5min. Yannis Lenne opens his counter but Jacob Holm responds almost immediately (6-3, 8′).

The timeout, albeit early, got the Blues into the game. The first sanction will not be long, Ludovic Fabregas will get a 2 minutes (8-5, 12′). Just entered the game Aymeric Memory allows the Blues to hang on somehow. (9-6, 14′). The Danes take advantage of the inferiority of the tricolor, like Niclas Kirkelokke (10-6, 15′). Hugo Descat and Aymeric Memory allow France not to be too far behind (10-8, 17′). The blue attack, despite some setbacks at the start of the match, is well launched, alone Vincent Gerard has not yet returned to his match with 0 saves to his credit while Kevin Moller is at 5 parries. On his second face to face with the Danish goalkeeper, Hugo Descat will come up against the latter (13-9, 22′). Denmark with some success from Jacob Holm, pass the milestone of 5 goals difference (14-9, 24′).

It took 25 minutes to finally see the first parade on the blue side and it is signed Wesley Pardin. Everything seems to smile on the Danes, between the parades of Kevin Moller or efficiency in attack, the addition could be much saltier (16-11, 28′). Magnus Landin will be sanctioned with 2 minutes, for a fault on valentine door, the France team will end this first period in numerical superiority. Hugo Descat allows his people to pick up a little bit but Church bells will immediately respond to the French winger. (17-12 at the break).

A second period to believe in it

On the Danish side, Nikklas Landin will replace Kevin Moller (8 parades) while Vincent Gerard returns to the tricolor cages. Dylan Nahi will also open its counter (19-14, 32′). Nikklas Kirkelokke going to take the first 2 minutes of the second half. The fit man on the Danish side, Jacob Holm continues his harvest tonight with his eighth goal (20-16, 35′). Despite a gap of 4 goals, the Blues are not resigned to the image of Dika Mem (21-17, 36‘). Ludovic Fabregas, due to an excess of commitment will also collect a 2 minutes, his second of the meeting. Yannis Lenne will bring France back to just 3 lengths (21-18, 38′), he is one of the fit men for the Blues.

Nikklas Landin, like his teammate Moller, will also disgust the French. The Danes easily play the tricolor defense, the attacks placed hit the mark very often. Only 17 minutes left and now is the time Vincent Gerard to make his first save of the match and behind Nikola Karabatic going to cheat the Danish doorman (24-21, 43′). The match was already complicated and Ludovic Fabregas will be sent off after taking his third 2 minutes of the game for a foul on Holm. (27-22, 46′). The Blues will enter the money-time 4 lengths from the Danes, Hugo Descat having succeeded in his throw of 7 meters. Dylan Nahi will give a little more hope to his people (27-24, 50′) and the tricolor supporters give voice. Erick Mathé will set his second time-out of the game. The first had done a lot of good for the France team.

The fate of France in this Euro is played out in its last 10 minutes. Always on a 7-meter jet, Hugo Descat brings the Blues back to 2 lengths (27-25, 53‘). The Danes have not been successful for more than seven minutes while France are gradually recovering. (27-26, 54′). The last 5 minutes are boiling, the two nations being separated by only one length, Vincent Gerard now hope. (29-28, 57′). Dika Mem will give the advantage to his team for the first time in the game (29-30, 58′) Erik Mathé’s last time out was taken in the last minute of this match and the Blues gained enough time to win by the score of 29-30.

This match will have been disastrous on many aspects for the French side but the mentality and the French desire will have been right for Danes, while in control over 50 minutes of the match. The last 10 minutes were the turning point of this match, the Blues finally disrupting the Danish attack, the latter also losing several balls. The Blues will therefore face Sweden in the semi-final while Denmark will be opposed to Spain.