July 1, 2022

Eric Zemmour: what will be the future rallies?

After the rallying of MEP Gilbert Collard to Eric Zemmour, until then a member of the National Rally for ten years, many in the political class are wondering who will be the next to join the Reconquest party.

The question arises all the more since Gilbert Collard is only the last to have decided to join Éric Zemmour. Before him, the boss of the RN in the European Parliament, Jérôme Rivière, the former president of the Movement for France, Philippe de Villiers, but also the number 2 of the Republicans, Guillaume Peltier took the side of the former polemicist who became a candidate for the presidential one.

With these successive rallies, Éric Zemmour is trying to establish himself as the only candidate capable of uniting the rights. And in his entourage, other names which are said to be likely to join him circulate insistently.

Among them, the senator RN, Stéphane Ravier, the vice-president of the Republicans, Gilles Platret or the own niece of Marine Le Pen, Marion Maréchal. The rallying of the latter would then be seen as particularly symbolic for Éric Zemmour and perceived as a real blow for the president of the National Rally.

The political game recomposed

Another name mentioned, that of MEP Thierry Mariani. The former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy, now a supporter of Marine Le Pen, however, wanted to put an end to the rumours. Present in Carpentras on Saturday January 22, 2022, he answered those who asked him about his potential rallying to Éric Zemmour: “If I am in Carpentras, it is because I am not in Cannes! (Cannes where Eric Zemmour himself held a meeting this Saturday, Ed)”.

For the political journalist of CNEWS, Gauthier Le Bret, these successive rallies of the RN to Éric Zemmour allow the latter to play the contrast with Valérie Pécresse. “While she was rallied by the centrists of Hervé Morin and Jean-Christophe Lagarde, she brought Collard and Peltier together on the same stage,” he explains.

A technique capable of bringing Eric Zemmour up in the polls since the Reconquest candidate (credited with 14% of voting intentions) is now outdistanced by four points by the two candidates LR and RN (18% tied ) according to the latest OpinionWay barometer for CNEWS, published this Friday, January 21.

Eric Zemmour’s teams believe, however, that the latter is “underestimated by the polls, because of his television audiences, the attendance at his meetings, his power on social networks and the number of members. to Reconquest”, as Gauthier Le Bret explains