May 12, 2022

Eric Zemmour: Bruno Mégret supports him “for a victory for the real right”

More support. In an interview with L’Express and posted online this Saturday, January 29, Bruno Mégret, former number 2 of the National Front in the 1990s, supports Eric Zemmour.

The purpose is clear, the rallying limpid. “I support Eric Zemmour” for “a victory for the real right”, said bluntly the ex-right arm of Jean-Marie Le Pen to the weekly.

Officially retired from political life since 2008, ten years after founding the National Republican Movement (MNR) resulting from the 1998 split with the National Front, Bruno Mégret now believes that Marine Le Pen’s normalization strategy is not not the right one to win what he calls “the real right”.

For him, “the right is in a dynamic of victory”. It has, he says, “won an ideological victory over the left, whose traditional themes are in full decline.”

“Right-wing ideas against immigration, insecurity or globalism, once demonized, are now at the forefront of the concerns of the French”, he still greets.

Marine Le Pen wants a clarification

And to bring these ideas to the top, it must therefore pass, according to him, by a victory for Eric Zemmour rather than a possible coronation of Marine Le Pen.

The day before, the strongman of “Reconquest!” had for his part estimated to be “in a good week” after the various declarations of Marion Maréchal against him, considering him more able to carry the victory of the hard right than his aunt Marine Le Pen.

Her niece blowing hot and cold, and after the successive rallies of Damien Rieu, Jérôme Rivière and lately Gilbert Collard, Marine Le Pen, has, from Madrid where she is traveling this Saturday, raised her voice and asked for a clarification of intentions in its ranks: “We can change sides, but we have to do it now”, she thus launched to those who are tempted to join his competitor.