January 24, 2022

End of the garbage collectors’ strike in Toulouse: Vincent Terrail-Novès explains how an agreement was reached

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This Thursday morning, the unions announced the end of the garbage collectors’ strike. The new proposals of Toulouse Métropole during the meeting the day before allowed an agreement. First reaction from Vincent Terrail-Novès, Vice-President of Toulouse Métropole in charge of waste.

It is the end of a long conflict. What’s your first reaction?

We are very happy. Nature still calls on me to be a little careful. I await the resumption of work of the agents tomorrow. It is on an excellent track. This is great news for professionals and residents. At the end of these negotiations, we found an agreement halfway between the demands of each other. We respected our wish on the days of subjection, which remained at 11. An intelligent adaptation according to the needs of the work also allowed the resolution of the conflict. In summer, agents will work 1.5 hours less each day. 9.4% is recognized for the arduous nature of their job, a figure that falls between the unions’ initial proposal and ours.

Vincent Terrail-Novès, Vice-President of Toulouse Métropole in charge of waste.
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You didn’t think this Wednesday’s meeting would lead to an agreement …

We had worked a lot on this meeting. However, we had no certainty on the outcome of these negotiations. Our proposals were finally accepted by the agents. Which is a good thing, we couldn’t go any further than what was proposed yesterday.

The threat of privatization brandished by the President of the Metropolis, Jean-Luc Moudenc, is only a distant memory?

The management is indeed saved. If the agents didn’t take a step towards us and continued to brace themselves on their original positions, that might not have been the case. Fortunately, they returned to more realistic proposals. Otherwise, the possibility of privatization would have come back to the table in a more serious way. Entrusting waste collection to private companies would have been a sad decision, which underlined our inability to move forward together.