July 4, 2022

Émile Daraï, gynecologist accused of rape, definitively withdrawn

PARIS – Émile Daraï, renowned gynecologist from Tenon hospital in Paris targeted by a judicial investigation for “rape”, is definitively withdrawn from his responsibilities as head of department and educational manager, the AP announced this Thursday, December 9 -HP and Sorbonne University.

A specialist in endometriosis, head of the gynecological-obstetrics and reproductive medicine department at Tenon hospital, Émile Daraï is the target of several rape complaints.

The AP-HP and Sorbonne University announced on October 8 that the gynecologist was withdrawn from his responsibilities so that the internal investigation, launched a little earlier by the two institutions, “can take place in the greatest serenity” .

“This withdrawal is now final and Professor Daraï will not resume his responsibility as head of department or educational responsibility,” announced the two institutions in a joint statement.

“No sexual connotation” retained

According to the investigation report, made public this Thursday, ”in the light of the various testimonies against Pr Daraï, the commission considers that the obligation to inform these patients, the relief of their pain, the respect of their wishes have not been respected ”. But “does not retain any sexual connotation while certain shortcomings have been noted in the collection of consent to certain gestures”.

Following the first complaint, the Paris public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation on September 28 for “rape by a person having authority over a minor over 15 years old”. The investigations were initially entrusted to the Brigade for the protection of minors (BPM).

After a second complaint received on September 30, the Paris prosecutor’s office extended this investigation to the offense of “gang rape” and the investigations were resumed by the 2nd district of judicial police (2nd DPJ).

The doctor, who still consults, has been accused by several ex-patients of performing vaginal and rectal exams brutally and without asking for consent. In a letter dated Tuesday and addressed to Martin Hirsch, director general of the Public Assistance-Hospitals of Paris, the gynecologist said to himself “forced to recognize that these women were able to perceive the clinical examination that I carried out as devoid of ’empathy and caring ”. “I am deeply sorry and would like to offer them my sincere apologies”.

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