July 1, 2022

Elisabeth Borne calls on companies to “strengthen” teleworking at the start of the school year

To slow the spread of the Omicron variant, the Minister of Labor is asking companies to practice 3 to 4 days of telework when possible from January 3.

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Elisabeth Borne wants to move up a gear. On Europe 1, Wednesday 22 December, the Minister of Labor called on companies to “accelerate” and to “to strenghten” the use of teleworking in the face of the rapid spread of the Omicron variant.

“I ask companies to prepare now to strengthen teleworking at the start of the school year, therefore on January 3, with a target of three days minimum for positions that allow it, or even four days when possible.”

Elisabeth Borne, Minister of Labor

on Europe 1

At present, the health protocol in the workplace provides that “the employers set, within the framework of the local social dialogue, the methods of appeal” teleworking, adding that “in the context of an epidemic resumption”, the goal “must be two to three days” per week.

Highlighting the “consensus” with trade unions and employers on the need to do more teleworking, Elisabeth Borne also noted that the Harris Interactive survey carried out regularly by her ministry shows that “nearly 60% of employees who can easily telework (…) did so last week, on average three days a week”.

The minister also confirmed that the government was not planning to include the corporate health pass in the initial draft law on the vaccination pass. But, she added, “We do not know what the situation will be in 10 days and the possible measures that we should have to take”. “We will see if parliamentarians consider it relevant to introduce it by amendment”, she concluded.