May 14, 2022

Edouard Philippe announces that “the incident” on the merger of Horizons with Agir is “closed”

It’s the end of a chapter, not of the common story. As reported by Christophe Béchu, Secretary General of the Horizons party, launched in October by the former Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe assured, Tuesday, January 18, during the political office of the party, that « l’incident » of the aborted merger with Agir was « clos ». Horizons’ participation in the ” commune house “ of the presidential majority, Together Citizens!, is therefore no longer compromised. “If the common house begins to take an interest in the substance and the entry into the countryside, we obviously have a vocation to find our place there”, explained the mayor of Angers.

The rapprochement between the two components of the right wing of the majority, however made possible by the statutes of the common house, had been prevented by the intervention of Emmanuel Macron on January 15, creating tensions in the camp of the former prime minister. Horizons executives and Mr. Philippe perceived this maneuver as vexatious and “incomprehensible”, while the party – which supports the Head of State for his re-election – can help, according to its executives, the presidential majority to stand up on its right, in particular against the candidacy of Valérie Pécresse. The intervention of the Head of State against this merger had led to the suspension of Horizons’ participation in the common house of the majority, as had been announced to the World MEP Gilles Boyer, close to the mayor of Le Havre.

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No legal merger, but a junction “on the ground”

If there is no longer an official quarrel, the question of the merger is also settled, said the general secretary of Horizons. “There is no longer any subject with Agir, the merger proposal no longer exists”, confirmed Mr. Béchu. The latter specifies that there is no point in « browse [des tensions] while three-quarters of Agir members have already joined Horizons”. “The junction on the ground is made”, continues the latter, but it will not be legal and statutory.

Tuesday evening, the meeting of the thirty executives of Horizons, some of whom were at the new party headquarters, avenue d’Iéna, in the 16e district of Paris – which should be inaugurated by February – marked the end of the protest. “The link is constant, there is a real desire to work together on the ideas and substance of the campaign. So as soon as the opportunity arises, we will meet again., assured MP Thomas Mesnier, spokesperson for Horizons.

The party of Mr. Philippe – who, three months after its launch, recruited his first employee on Wednesday – is in the process of being structured. 124 municipal committees were launched on the weekend of January 15. A hundred more will be on the last weekend of the month and a “assembly of mayors”, whose president will become the party’s number two, should also see the light of day by mid-February.

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