May 13, 2022

DIRECT. “This government spends public money very badly”, launches Fabien Roussel in the “Presidential Mornings” of franceinfo

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08h15 : Fabien Roussel explains that he wants to abolish the presidential election, so that the President of the Republic, chosen by parliament, only has a role of representation. “The problem is that he concentrates a lot of power in his hands., he judges. I want to give power back to the French, to give power back to the people.”

08h11 : Guest of franceinfo, Fabien Roussel, communist presidential candidate, details how he intends to finance his program. “First through work. Job creation will finance part of it”, and then the ISF.

08h05 : “I want the whole of this sector to be brought together in a public energy package. Electricity is a common good, it should not fluctuate like the stock market.”

08h01 : “If we want to reindustrialise France, we will have to use carbon-free electricity to meet the challenges of global warming”, reacts Fabien Roussel, questioned on franceinfo on his proposal to open six new EPRs. “We must invest in the production of nuclear electricity. But also in renewable energies and in particular in hydraulics which need it”, he added.

07h56 : “If I am elected I hope that we will have more citizens vaccinated”, reacted Fabien Roussel on francenfo. “But I do not share the government’s choice to have chosen this vaccine pass. We will not get there with coercive means., added the communist candidate, saying that he would withdraw the vaccination pass if he were elected president.

07h53 : Clement Viktorovitch, professor of rhetoric and columnist on franceinfo, took advantage of the arrival of Fabien Roussel in the “Presidential Mornings” on franceinfo to draw his portrait.

07h54 : “Valérie Pécresse offers a beautiful gift to the richest. (…) I want to make the heritage popular”, explains the communist presidential candidate, reacting to a proposal from candidate LR who wishes not to tax inheritance rates below 200,000 euros, against 100,000 euros currently. I’m going to table a piece of legislation. I propose that anyone who has a heritage can pass it on to anyone without being taxed by the state”, he adds.

07h54 : “In 1981, there was no problem for the then government, to find money, to nationalize many banks and companies”, believes Fabien Roussel, who speaks on franceinfo on his economic program.

07h37 : And then, since we are talking about Fabien Roussel, I suggest you go and read his portrait written by my colleague Margaux Duguet. This 52-year-old former journalist stands out from his competitors on the left with his unique positions. Without it being, for the moment, paying off in the polls. The article can be found here.


07h32 : The communist presidential candidate says he is “close” the bar of 500 sponsorships of local elected officials, necessary to appear on the list of candidates, but still “worry” as long as there is no confirmation from the Constitutional Council.

07h33 : “I don’t want to talk to people who voted on the left, I want to talk to all French people, workers, retirees, and even the far right., explains Fabien Roussel about his campaign, accused of being marked on the right on certain subjects. I want to tell them: ‘Don’t be mistaken in your anger’. I want to talk to them, convince them rather than insult them.”

07h43 : “We want to go to 32 hours of teaching on average. This means that for those who are in high school with options, they can go up to 26 hours. (…) But this means that in kindergarten, where we are doing 24 hours at the moment, the children will be doing 28 hours.”

07h24 : Asked about school, Fabien Roussel returns to his proposal to finish with homework in primary school. “I suggest that children stay longer at school, but that when they leave school, for example at 5.30 p.m., they have no more homework”, he explains on franceinfo.

07h23 : “Today, the rise in the price of gasoline affects everyone, and we are placing some of our citizens under house arrest”, judge Fabien Roussel about the government’s measures to fight against soaring energy prices. “This government spends public money very, very badly”, judges the communist candidate who wants to put in place a floating tax on the price of fuels and “make the oil companies pay”.

07h19 : “The problem is that we have left it to the private sector to take care of old age, some want to make money on the backs of our elders, says Fabien Roussel about the revelations of the Orpéa retirement homes. If there is proven mistreatment, yes, I expropriate, I put the establishments under guardianship.” “I want the management of Ehpads to be non-profit”, he added.

07h18 : And here it is, it’s the start of franceinfo’s “Presidential Mornings”, you can follow the show live here, but also by listening to franceinfo on your radio and on this live. It is Fabien Roussel, candidate of the Communist Party in the presidential election, who is the guest of Marc Fauvelle and Salhia Brakhlia.

07h31 : Well, well, it’s 6 o’clock, so it’s time for the first news item of the day.

The government has announced a boost for workers, by raising the mileage allowance scale by 10% for taxable households declaring their professional expenses in order to help them deal with soaring fuel prices.

French cinema will forget the pandemic for a moment with the publication this morning of the films and artists nominated for the Césars, a year after the coronation ofGoodbye Cons by Albert Dupontel.

“If there were to be an assault [de la Russie en Ukraine], the response will be there and the cost will be very high”, warned Emmanuel Macron. The French president will meet with Vladimir Putin on Friday.

Fabien Roussel, Communist Party candidate for the presidential election, is the guest of Franceinfo’s “Presidential Mornings”, from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. An appointment during which the candidates detail their program in turn.