May 22, 2022

DIRECT. France – Denmark: Very delicate start to the match for the Blues, follow the handball match live

France – Denmark. The Blues are suffering against the Danish world champions and are chasing the score in this first period.

Score France


Score Danemark


And immediately

21:10 – France is not there

At the end of a difficult first period, the France team is absent and concedes a heavy delay on Denmark (12-17). Overwhelmed by the rhythm set by the Danes at the start of the game and in check against Möller, the Blues never found the right fuel both in attack and defense to hinder their opponents over the length.

21:09 – Mem’s thoughtlessness

On the rise of the ball, Kounkoud wants to give Mem but his pass is soft and the Barcelonan lets the ball escape in touch.

21:07 – Descat does not close

Leaving the goal empty, the Danes attack at 6 and Kirkelokke decides to go for it on the right. Fabregas forces him to go around him but Descat fears the pass on the wing and does not close the axis. He opens the door to the Dane who scores on the opposite side against a disappointed Pardin (12-17).

9:07 p.m.

Descat does not tremble and scores his second goal in a row from the penalty spot. The Blues return to four goals (12-16).

21:05 – Door exits grimacing

Porte gives of himself and goes to challenge Landin Jacobsen. The French captain is knocked down and smashes to the ground. The Dane collects two minutes but Porte is forced out grimacing, holding his ribs.

21:04 – Minne can’t do it

Möller is infernal in his cage and comes to make a new high class save with a firm hand on his left on a powerful shot from Minne (11-16).

21:03 – Success on the run

The Blues are unlucky. On a shot in support at 9 meters, Holm lights up and sees Konan deflected with his fingertips which deceives Pardin, yet on the trajectory. His 5th success in 6 attempts.

21:01 – Unbalanced Minne

The Blues want to carry out a fast attack and Minne is shifted in the left axis. The rear is swung by Antonsen and cannot succeed in his shot but the referees say nothing (10-14).

21:00 – First blue stop

It took 24 minutes to see the first French stop. Pardin intervenes in front of Antonsen who had infiltrated the pivot.

20:58 – Pardin is a hole

Pardin came close to deflecting Holm’s shot but gave in on impact against his right post and put the Danes ahead four goals. In the aftermath, Minne takes an early shot but sends it over.

20:57 – Checkout failed

Descat loses his duel with Möllgard. The official penalty taker of the Blues wanted to feint on the right and still shoot there but the Danish goalkeeper does not move and pushes back with his left hand (9-12).

20:56 – New gap

While the Blues seemed to be back in the game, the Danes have just completed two quality defensive sequences and penalized their opponents with two goals from Kirkelokke (9-12).

20:54 – The Blues very close

The Blues are gradually recovering their delay. At the forceps, Fabregas captures a pass from Minne and takes advantage of Mensah’s too loose marking to challenge Möller; The latter touches the ball but cannot stop it (9-10).

20:52 – Door out 2 minutes

Just entered the game, Valentin Porte is returned to the bench for two minutes. The French captain is guilty of raising his arm too high to Holm’s face. In the aftermath, the Danes fail to score.

20:50 – Minne goes back

Minne does not take offense at his loss of the ball and his previous failures. He feigns the shot, erases Antonsen and comes to score in force (8-10).


The meeting between France and Denmark will take place from 8:30 p.m. in Budapest, in the Hungarian capital. No less than 20,000 people are expected in the stands of the MVM Dome.

The final match of the main round between France and Denmark will be broadcast live on TFX and beIN Sports 1. Note that the Qatari channel covers the entire competition and that TF1 will broadcast the semi-final and the final if the Blues participate.

The meeting between the Tricolores of Karl Konan and the Scandinavians of Niklas Landin will be accessible in streaming on the MyCanal platform as well as on MyTF1.

For its last game of the main round, France will rely again and again on the irremovable Vincent Gérard in goal. Karabatic will take the reins of the game in the center half, in the absence of Mahé (positive for Covid-19), with Mem on his right and Minne on the left. Descat and Lenne will animate the wings when Fabregas will start at pivot.

On the Danish side, Jacobsen has decided to rotate since Hansen and Gidsel will be absent on the back base, replaced by Kirkelokke and Anderson. The Saugestrup pivot is also left at rest. Landin and Svan will be well positioned on the wings. Finally, in the goal, the stainless Landin will be the last bastion.