January 29, 2022

Delphine Ernotte judges “very serious to call for hatred against journalists”

A former journalist, the presidential candidate has promised reporters, whom he callsmen and women “the most unloved in France”, to free them from their “intellectual slavery”.

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“Elected president I will free you, you will discover the joy of no longer submitting yourself. The public service will no longer spit on the taxpayer every day at breakfast. 2022 will be the year of the rebirth of French journalism, the real one, the big one , the one who died suffocated under the leaden cover of political correctness “, launched Éric Zemmour Monday January 10 during his greetings to the press. The presidential candidate claimed that the “people” resented journalists and had “raison”. “You are the most unloved men and women in France”, continued the former polemicist of CNews and Figaro, in front of a few dozen of his former colleagues.

Delphine Ernotte, the president of France Télévisions interviewed Wednesday January 12 on France Inter “Finds it very serious to call for hatred against journalists. We all know that after words there are actions.” She also considers it “absurd at heart.”

“When I read his statements, I thought to myself that suppressing journalists for more information is a bit like suppressing doctors to fight the pandemic. It is totally absurd.”

Delphine Ernotte, President of France Télévisions.

at France Inter

The president of France Télévisions adds that “coming from Mr. Zemmour who was a very long time a journalist on the public service – on France 2 in this case for more than five years – I found that a little bit funny. (…) Besides, sir Zemmour is invited tomorrow on France Televisions. I make sure that all opinions are represented on the public service “, answers Delphine Ernotte to Eric Zemmour who affirms that journalists today are under the yoke of a “intellectual slavery”.