May 13, 2022

Death of Gaspard Ulliel: his funeral will take place on January 27 in Paris

FUNERAL – The opportunity to pay a last tribute to the French actor. Gaspard Ulliel’s agent announced on Saturday January 22 that the funeral of the actor who died at the age of 37 after a skiing accident, will be scheduled for Thursday January 27 in Paris.

His agent, Laurent Grégoire, spoke to AFP to indicate that this ceremony will take place in the Saint-Eustache church, in the 1st arrondissement of the capital. However, it has not yet been specified whether or not this ceremony will be open to the public.

The accidental death of Gaspard Ulliel has sparked a multitude of tributes, from the political world to that of the cinema, to a man who had a brilliant career and was very popular in the cinema world.

An accident “in fairly simple circumstances”

An investigation was entrusted by the Albertville public prosecutor’s office to the CRS Alpes to clarify the circumstances of the fatal collision between Gaspard Ulliel and another skier, which occurred on Tuesday January 18 in the resort of La Rosière, in Bourg-Saint-Maurice.

Investigators from the CRS Alpes d’Albertville, this police unit in charge of high mountain resorts, have since been working to “investigate the causes of death” of the 37-year-old actor. And according to their first findings, the investigation is heading towards a dismissal, no responsibility being apparently engaged.

“According to these first testimonies and the observations made on the spot, the two skiers were moving side by side and ran into each other”, explains Anne Gaches, the public prosecutor of Albertville. “For the moment, it is difficult to say whether it was the shock or the fall that led to Mr. Ulliel’s death”.

In addition, the prosecutor added that there is nothing to ensure that wearing a helmet on the side of the actor would have changed the outcome of the accident. Indeed, if the other skier involved, a man of Lithuanian origin, was wearing a helmet, this was not the case for Gaspard Ulliel. “This accident is very sad but the circumstances are quite simple, there is no particular complexity”, finally concluded Anne Gaches.

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