July 1, 2022

Death of Corporal Cueff in Montauban: Big Raid and BIS operation to arrest 4 suspects

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A vast crackdown mobilizing the Raid and BRI police officers took place this Tuesday, January 25 in several camps for Travelers in Tarn-et-Garonne and Haute-Garonne. Four suspects involved in the death of former master corporal Emmanuel Cueff, seriously injured during a brawl in the “Nautic” parking lot in Montauban on October 29, were arrested in Beaumont-de-Lomagne, Lacourt-Saint- Pierre and Fonsorbes (Haute-Garonne). The investigators of the judicial police (PJ) of Toulouse cosaisis with the police officers of the Montauban police station of this criminal case, had identified them for several weeks. It remained to “house” them.

Suspected of being the perpetrators and witnesses of the fatal brawl that cost the life of a former “para” of the 17th RGP Emmanuel Cueff in the parking lot of the restaurant “Le Nautic” in Montauban on the night of October 29 to 30, four men were arrested in Beaumont-de-Lomagne, Lacourt-Saint-Pierre and Fonsorbes (south-west of Toulouse), this Tuesday, January 25 at the time of the milkman.

This dragnet prepared for several days by the investigators of the SRPJ (regional judicial police service) of Toulouse, and those of the police station of Montauban cosaisis of the investigations, was eagerly awaited by the family of the former soldier, this criminal case having aroused a great stir last fall, even inviting itself into the campaign for the presidential elections.
In view of the profile of the defendants, all of whom belong to the Traveler community, the investigators mobilized an important system to secure these sensitive arrests in several camps in the department.

The BRI and the Raid mobilized

The police officers of the elite unit of the Raid as well as those of the BRI (research and intervention brigade) were thus required to apprehend these four men. A dozen police officers from Montalban also came to lend their assistance to this operation, as did a large number of gendarmes from the Tarn-et-Garonne group. At this time, neither the investigative services which act within the framework of a judicial investigation opened on November 5 by the prosecutor Laurent Czernik for the double count of “intentional violence in a meeting having resulted in death without intention to give it” and ” willful violence in a meeting resulting in an ITT of less than 8 days”, nor the prosecution are eloquent.

“All I can confirm to you is that these arrests are linked to the death of Emmanuel Cueff,” the public prosecutor of Montauban, Anne Gaullier, told us this morning.

Corporal-chel Emmanuel Cueff when he was a soldier in the 17th RGP of Montauban

Suspects difficult to locate

According to our information, it has been several weeks since the investigators of the judicial police (PJ) of Toulouse identified the suspects. However, it remained to locate them to apprehend them. A mission far from easy, individuals moving a lot from one camp to another, from one family to another in an environment where little is spoken… The work of technical surveillance (telephony, geolocation) of bloodhounds of the PJ has, without doubt, paid these days even if certain places of arrest would have changed again these last days so much the individuals are volatile.

The searches, which began in the wake of the arrests, were to continue throughout the day. The four suspects, who do not all have the same status or responsibility in this case, have been remanded in custody. It is now up to the investigators who are persuaded to have the suspects get their confessions. There is also no doubt that Emmanuel Cueff’s wife, who witnessed and was the victim of this tragic quarrel, will be solicited at some point during the proceedings.