January 25, 2022

dates, deadlines … What you need to know about the vaccination rules

3RD DOSE. During his speech on November 25, Olivier Véran indicated that the health pass would be subject to the booster dose. The Minister of Health also detailed the conditions of this new injection. We take stock.

[Mis à jour le 27 novembre 2021 à 13h44] This Saturday, November 27, is the big day for the launch of the booster dose, open to all adults. During his speech last Thursday, Olivier Véran indicated that the health pass would be conditional on this third dose, as of January 15, 2022. An announcement that had a direct impact on the scheduling of appointments, such as the the Minister of Health said on Saturday on his twitter account: “Three million appointments have been made since Thursday.” This recall campaign is supposed to deal with the epidemic resumption which is gaining in France and more generally in Europe. How do you know if and when you need to give this new injection? We take stock:

  • From Saturday, November 27, all people over 18 are eligible for a new injection of the vaccine.
  • In general, all adults can be administered this booster dose now, 5 months after the administration of the 2nd dose.
  • Note also the fact that the validity period of PCR tests which allow access to the health pass without vaccination has been reduced to 24 hours (instead of 48 hours)

Everything is thus put in place by the executive to encourage vaccination and recall, in a context of strong recovery in the circulation of Covid-19 and concern around the new variant, called “Nu”. To this end, if you are one of the eligible audiences, you can make an appointment via online appointment booking platforms, such as Doctolib, Vitemadose or KelDoc. You can also consult the lists of vaccination centers near you on Maiia and Santé.fr, or on your city’s website. Finally, you can contact 0 800 009 110 to book a vaccination slot – if you are abroad, you can contact the Embassy or Consulate of your place of residence for this purpose.

From the date of the last injection received, any adult can receive a booster dose. She then has two months to do it, otherwise the health pass will be deactivated. The measure will come into force on Saturday January 15, 2022. Thus, all people who received their last dose on June 15 or before will have to have their vaccination booster by January 15 under penalty of losing the document allowing access in many places.

Niche reservation platforms such as Doctolib are already operational in order to make an appointment. A feature has also been added to the Tous Anti-Covid application: a change in the color of the health pass is made to warn of the near end of validity of the document if the reminder has not been made.

  • I was infected and then received a dose of vaccine: 5 months after the single dose
  • I had a dose and then I was infected with the Covid at least 15 days after: 5 months after the infection
  • I had a dose, I was infected with Covid less than 15 days later, then I received a second dose: 5 months after the 2nd dose
  • I received two doses and then I was infected with Covid: 5 months after infection
  • I was infected with the Covid then I received two doses: 5 months after the 2nd dose

Why a 3rd dose of anti-Covid vaccine?

“The share of French people in intensive care speaks for itself: the vaccinated are ten times less present than the unvaccinated,” said Olivier Véran at a press conference on November 25. “Where vaccination is weaker, the highest incidence and severe case rates are recorded,” he added, emphasizing another fact: “The efficacy of the vaccine will, however, decrease over time. , classic phenomenon “of any vaccine. “Immune memory is not infallible and a booster is necessary. This allows to quickly obtain a new very strong immunity”. In an opinion made public this Thursday, November 25, the High Authority for Health indicates: “The HAS considers that the worrying epidemic context justifies an acceleration of the vaccination campaign by shortening the time between primary vaccination and booster dose”. The HAS justifies its opinion on the projections of the Institut Pasteur, which estimates that the reduction in the peak of hospitalizations would be 39% if the recall is made six months after the last injection, but 50% if the recall is operated at five month.

Is the 3rd dose of the Covid vaccine mandatory?

The 3rd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is not mandatory. However, since Olivier Véran spoke on November 25, it is necessary for all adults wishing to keep their health pass five months after being vaccinated. After the injunction of the booster, the vaccinated have a new QR Code, valid for 7 days after the injection. For people who make their recall within the allotted time, the QR code generated at the time of their previous vaccination will remain active for 7 days.

As when the vaccination campaign was in full swing at the start of the year, it is possible to get vaccinated in various places. Thursday, Olivier Véran explained that “we are going to open, reopen or expand existing vaccination centers”, counting around 11,000 everywhere in France, and recalled that doctors, pharmacies, midwives, nurses, masseurs- physiotherapists or even biology laboratories are authorized to administer the vaccine.

To make an appointment, all you have to do is go to the usual platforms, such as Doctolib or Vitemadose, or call a healthcare professional to reserve a time slot.

Moderna, side effects and 3rd dose

At first, the Haute Autorité de Santé had “advised against” the use of the Moderna vaccine for the booster dose. To justify this decision, the HAS had relied on a Scandinavian study highlighting the risk of myocarditis for people under 30 years old. “The announcements from various health authorities have highlighted the unknowns that remain on the dose and the target population for the recall by Spikevax (Moderna vaccine, Editor’s note) and justify waiting for the European body to provide the details expected in the context of the marketing authorization under examination “.

After study, the Moderna vaccine finally received the approval of the EMA. “Data showed that a third dose of Spikevax given six to eight months after the second dose resulted in increased antibody levels in adults with declining antibody levels,” said the European Medicines Agency. (EMA) in a press release.