July 7, 2022

Daniel Craig quits James Bond in style after five-act tragedy

Not to spoil, especially not to spoil, insist the distributors of To die can wait, the 25th James Bond coming out Wednesday October 6. We understand them, as the film closes a cycle in the most surprising way. Craig gave the franchise a turning point in 2006 by humanizing the character and giving it a tragic dimension. This final film remains in this continuity, while reintroducing more second degree, gadgets, the action being meanwhile always at the rendezvous. The film’s release, which had been postponed several times, raised expectations to match the result: formidable.

Retired from the Secret Service, Bond spends quiet days in Jamaica when his CIA friend Félix Leiter asks him to help him track down a dangerous megalomaniac who has just stolen a secret bacteriological weapon sponsored by MI6. It is the beginning of a hunt to the four corners of the world, where Bond will face death, reconnect with lost feelings and face his fate.

New to a James Bond, director Cary Joji Fukunaga (Jane Eyre) gets away with the honors to conclude a cycle which had distanced itself from an approach of the character in loss of breath in the years 2000. He manages at the same time to respect the style installed since Casino Royale (2006) and to evoke, not without nostalgia, what had made Bond an icon since the Sixties. He thus reintroduces a touch of second degree and spectacular gadgets, trademark of the franchise, while multiplying the scenes of ‘action.

Bond was bleeding from start to finish and narrowly escaped a heart attack in Casino Royale, then was haunted by his lost love (Vesper / Eva Green) in Quantum of Solace (2008), he lost his adoptive mother (M.) in Skyfall, and finally waltzed with death in Spectre (2015). He faces her face to face To die can wait. This progression in five acts corresponds to the classical form of Greek tragedy. To die can wait perfectly matches this rise to power of dramaturgy by placing it within the framework of a popular and iconic cinema.

After a very beautiful opening act which takes place in Matera (Italy), one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world, the action spreads across the globe to Iceland during a classic plot in the “Bondian” tradition. . But the feelings take a large part with the character of Madeleine (Léa Seydoux, present in Spectre) which turns things upside down, while turning the classic femme fatale upside down.

The humanization of the hero is the paw of the Daniel Craig series and finds its culmination here. The success of the “series” Craig is to have separated from the hero of “fantasy” that was James Bond before him, and to have brought him an unprecedented and original depth, by digging the tragedy of a beloved character, but lonely, definitely alone. It thus sticks to the spirit of the times, while distracting. To die can wait surprises in more than one way and launches the tracks of a new Bond.

Poster of "Die fear wait" de Cary Joji Fukunaga (2021). (UNIVERSAL PICTURES INTERNATIONAL FRANCE)

Genre : Action / Espionage
Director : Cary Joji Fukunaga
Actors : Daniel Craig, Rami Malek, Léa Seydoux, Lashana Lynch, Ralph Fiennes, Christoph Waltz, Anna de Armas, Ben Whishaw, Naomi Harris, Jeffrey Wright
Pays : United States / Great Britain
Duration : 2h43
Exit : October 6, 2021
Distributer : Universal International Pictures

Synopsis : Bond has left the Secret Service and is having happy days in Jamaica. But his peace is short-lived because his old friend Felix Leiter of the CIA arrives to ask for his help: it is a question of saving a scientist who has just been kidnapped. But the mission turns out to be much more dangerous than expected and Bond finds himself on the heels of a mysterious enemy holding formidable technological weapons …