January 23, 2022

criticism, Payet’s state of health, incidents in Lyon, Sampaoli had a lot to say

Zapping But! Football Club The pre-match brief: Olympique de Marseille FC Lorient

Be sharper

“What we can work on is how to create chances. The rest is more complicated when you don’t have a lot of time. Yesterday, we didn’t have a good game, it’s true , but we had one or two more chances than our opponents. We weren’t sharp enough in the surfaces. If we don’t succeed, we tend the ball to hurt ourselves, we offer the opponent situations that hurt us. We have to be sharper, and convert these opportunities into points. Yesterday, before Galatasaray’s first goal, which comes from a mistake on our part, we had one or two real chances. first could have changed everything. “

The group for Troyes

“We’ll see in the next few hours if Under can play this match. But otherwise everyone’s okay. Payet? The doctor said he’s okay for the match, but I haven’t seen him since. Monday. With Dimitri I spoke very little about all this, it will be necessary to see how he is, emotionally speaking. A player who has suffered two assaults, he is logically affected. You have to see how he manages that. But it is difficult It’s something very personal. It’s a complicated moment for him, we’ll see how he feels. Sunday’s game is important, you have to bounce back, move on. If he feels good, he will play, otherwise another will take his place. “

A first assessment

“It’s a young group, which must continue to work. We still need a total evolution, to draw conclusions for the transfer window. We must find the team at the start of the season, which has played very good games and who was convinced of his project. It’s also up to us as staff to work on all that. “

Incidents in Lyon

“We must prevent politics from interfering in this kind of decisions, and stop all that. We must end it as soon as possible. We have the impression that it is going all over the place, we ask the opinion of everything the world, it becomes political and it takes too long. While we need firm and rapid sanctions. We have seen this kind of thing three times. How long are we going to have to wait before We make decisions? Whoever has the power to decide must do so quickly, and prevent the subject from becoming political, otherwise we will not make the right decision and justice will not be done. “

The future

“We need a total evolution in this young group, before making decisions to correct something in this workforce in the transfer window. convinced. “

Interview by our colleagues from RMC

to summarize

The coach of OM, Jorge Sampaoli, was necessarily expected in the face of the media, the day after the heavy defeat in the Europa League on the ground of Galatasaray. And this two days away from facing Troyes at the Vélodrome. Selected pieces.