July 1, 2022

Covid vaccine: the deadline reduced to 3 months for the recall

CORONAVIRUS – Vaccinate, as soon as possible. This Monday, December 27, Jean Castex announced the reduction of the time between the first injections of vaccine against the coronavirus and the booster dose to 3 months, following the recommendations of the High Authority of Health.

From Tuesday, “it will be enough three months after your second injection or your first if you have had the Covid to benefit from your booster”, announced Jean Castex during a press conference following a health defense council.

“The key element” against the virus is and remains vaccination, ”insisted the Prime Minister. “This is why we are doing everything to accelerate and strengthen it.” “A complete vaccination removes the risk of serious forms, removes the risk of resuscitation, even if one contracts the virus”, added the Minister of Health Olivier Véran.

With this reduced deadline, nearly 45 million French people are now eligible for the booster dose. “Half have already received this reminder,” assured the Minister of Health.

Three doses against Omicron

For several weeks, the government has gradually reduced the time limit for the booster dose, in the face of an epidemic outbreak now reinforced by the arrival of the new Omicron variant, much more contagious than previous incarnations of the virus. Initially set at six months, this period was reduced to five and, in recent days, to four months.

In France, the booster doses are necessarily given from a messenger RNA vaccine, whether it is that of Pfizer / BioNTech or that of Moderna even if the latter is not recommended for those under 30 years old because of occasional side effects. on the heart.

By further reducing the time limit, the government is following the advice of the High Authority for Health (HAS). This had been pronounced, just before Christmas, so that the reminders could be given after three months.

4th dose is a “possibility”

This measure is intended to respond to the arrival of Omicron. This is not only more contagious but it is also partly resistant to existing vaccines, even if they are generally effective against severe forms. However, several studies show that a booster dose strengthens the protection against this variant, even if we do not yet know how long this effect lasts.

In this context of uncertainty, the fourth dose of vaccine “is a possibility” admitted the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran. “This question will come in due time (but) not now,” he added. “We do not have hindsight on the duration of the effectiveness, (…) we will see what it is.”

Israel, the most advanced country in terms of vaccination, plans in particular to launch a campaign of “fourth doses” but has for the time being contented itself with carrying out clinical trials with caregivers.

In the immediate future, in France, more than 45 million people are now affected by the recall, of which about half have already received it, according to Olivier Véran.

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