January 29, 2022

Covid: more than 90,000 new cases in 24 hours, a record since the start of the pandemic

COVID – Contamination by Covid-19 has exceeded 90,000 new cases recorded in 24 hours, a threshold never reached and an absolute record in France since the start of the epidemic in March 2020, according to figures published this Thursday, December 23 by Public Health France.

91,608 new cases have been recorded, under the effect of the fifth wave and while the Omicron variant is spreading in France. Over the past seven days, the average has stood at 61,274 cases. The previous all-time record, 86,852 cases, dates back to early November 2020, at the peak of the second epidemic wave.

Earlier in the evening, when the figures were still at 88,000 cases, Olivier Véran announced that they were “the worst since the start of the pandemic”.

Visiting a vaccination center in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, Olivier Véran announced that nearly 3,000 children had already been vaccinated. In addition, 15,000 vaccination appointments have already been made for 5-11 year olds announced the Minister of Health.

The government and its Scientific Council estimate that the figure should quickly exceed (by the end of December) the 100,000 new cases daily with the spread of the Omicron variant.

Pressure also continues to mount on critical care services, which have 3,208 patients against 3,147 on Tuesday, with 323 new admissions. 16,060 people are currently hospitalized against 16,118 the day before, with 1,347 new admissions. The number of deaths since the start of the epidemic has reached 122,295, 179 more than the day before.

Since the start of the vaccination campaign in France, 52,686,872 people have received at least one injection (i.e. 78.1% of the total population) and 51,585,838 people now have a complete vaccination schedule (i.e. 76.5% of the total population).

And since the start of the booster campaign, 21,742,825 people have received an additional dose.

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