January 26, 2022

Covid: in which cases can your health pass be deactivated from this Wednesday, December 15?

For those over 65 and people who have been vaccinated with Janssen, this December 15 marks the limit for having received his booster dose. We take stock of who is at risk of having their pass suspended on this date.

Important date this December 15 for over 65s. Indeed this Wednesday corresponds to the limit set for this category of French to receive their booster dose under penalty of having their health pass suspended.

What timeframe?

“People 65 years of age and over vaccinated with double-dose vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca) should have received their booster dose (3e dose) 7 months after their last injection (5 months for eligibility plus 2 months for the additional period) “, indicates the site of the public service.

To allow this age group to be vaccinated quickly, the government has also announced the possibility for people over 65 to go to vaccination centers to receive their reminder without an appointment.

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L’exception Janssen

If you have been vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine slightly different provisions apply. In fact, from this Wednesday, December 15, whether you are over or under 65, your health pass will be deactivated, if you have not received an additional dose since your first injection.

People who have been vaccinated with the Janssen monodose product are indeed recommended to make an additional injection “of messenger RNA vaccine 1 month after their first injection “, indicates the government site.

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And a third dose?

For people vaccinated with Janssen, regardless of their age, “from December 15, 2021, this additional dose will condition the maintenance of their vaccination certificate under the health pass “, insists the government site.

Capture gouvernement.fr

Be careful, if the second dose mentioned just above is sometimes presented as a booster dose, rather, it is an additional dose. Once this dose has been received, people can then claim a real booster, a third dose. This should be done normally, that is, five months after the injection of the additional dose.