July 6, 2022

Covid-19. Vaccine pass, teleworking, gauges … The answers to your questions after the announcements of Prime Minister Jean Castex

Vaccine pass, compulsory teleworking, gauges for gatherings … The speech of Prime Minister Jean Castex and Minister of Solidarity and Health Olivier Véran was eagerly awaited, Monday evening, while France is experiencing a worrying fifth wave of Covid-19. Objective: to try to curb the uncontrollable spread of the virus and prevent the overwhelming of hospitals, while preserving the economy.

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What is the health situation in Côte-d’Or?

The incidence rate in Côte-d’Or reached 609.1 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the period from December 18 to 24, according to the latest data from Public Health France. A level never reached in the department since the start of the pandemic. The Côte-d’Or is also the second department most affected by the epidemic in Burgundy-Franche-Comté, behind the Territoire de Belfort (655.7) and Doubs (641.4). The previous record dated from early November 2020 during the second confinement with a rate of 580.4 cases


The incidence rate had not yet declined at the departmental level during the first wave.

Charles PERRIN

Will there be a curfew on December 31?

No. There will be no curfew or restrictions on the transition to the New Year. The Prime Minister nevertheless called for “a sense of responsibility” on the part of the French, inviting them to limit major celebrations, to ventilate the rooms well, to be tested and to wear the mask. In addition, “all the ceremonies of vows will be canceled”, specified Jean Castex Monday evening.

When will the vaccination pass be implemented?

If the bill is passed by parliament, the vaccination pass will come into force from January 15 “in all places where the health pass applies today”. The presentation of a negative test will therefore no longer be sufficient, the executive assuming to impose more restrictions on unvaccinated people.

From what age will the vaccination pass be compulsory?

For now, the vaccination pass seems to take the form of an extension of the health pass, which has applied to 12-17 year olds since September. This is confirmed by the bill that we have consulted, mentioning the presentation of proof of vaccination status for “access by people of at least twelve years to certain places, establishments, services or events” already submitted to the health pass.

Will it be possible to eat and drink on a long haul flight?

Photo archives The Public Good

Photo archives The Public Good

I have to attend a game in January. Could I attend?

The gauges will make a comeback at large gatherings. They will be set at 2,000 people maximum indoors and 5,000 outdoors, as of January 3 for a period of three weeks. Sports enclosures will be affected by these gauges. If for the moment the sporting events are not canceled and that the closed door is not current, the capacity of reception will have to be reduced. “We will favor, like last time, all subscribers and partners. Based on that, I think we won’t be far from 5,000 people. The places available will be put up for sale, ”explains Olivier Delcourt, president of DFCO, a club which in the league this season has never welcomed less than 6,000 people at Gaston-Gérard. JDA Dijon will also be concerned for its meetings in January.

Please note that the consumption of food and drink in sports grounds will be prohibited.

To keep the vaccination pass, is the 7-month period still valid?

Since Tuesday, the French can receive their booster dose – or third dose – three months after their last injection. To keep the vaccination pass from January 15, all people aged 18 and over must have received a booster dose no later than seven months after their last injection.

Will it be possible to share a meal with more than 30 people in a communal room in January?

The gauges that will apply from January 3 concern large gatherings (2,000 people maximum indoors, 5,000 outdoors). As for the prohibited consumption of drinks and food, these will apply in cinemas, theaters, sports facilities and public transport.

For the moment, nothing prevents a gathering of about thirty people in a communal hall. Jean Castex, however, invited to limit large dinners, and to wear the mask, ventilate the rooms, respect barrier gestures and be tested in the event of a gathering.