July 3, 2022

Covid-19: The opposition denounces “punitive” measures by Castex and its silence on hospitals

POLITICAL – Barely announced, immediately criticized. The government’s latest measures to curb the fifth wave of coronavirus were unsurprisingly denounced by various opposition parties, all of which regretted the Prime Minister’s silence on the state of the public hospital.

At the head of the detractors, the RN presidential candidate Marine Le Pen quickly blasted “punitive measures that make no sense”. The president of the party, opposed to the health pass and the compulsory vaccination of caregivers, called for “taking common sense measures”, such as “recalling suspended caregivers (and) reopening closed beds”.

An opinion shared at the other end of the political spectrum, by several presidential candidates. “Sanctions, prohibitions, obligations”, reacted the NPA candidate Philippe Poutou, “but still no (…) money for the hospital”, he lamented, pointing to other flaws in the government strategy .

Stéphane Troussel, president of the departmental council of Seine-Saint-Denis and spokesperson for Anne Hidalgo, for his part “regretted that the government did not hear the distress of health personnel who warned about the state of the public hospital . It is urgent to come back to the deletions of beds in particular, ”he said on Twitter.

In a tweet on the same tone, Ian Brossat, campaign director of the PCF candidate Fabien Roussel again mentioned the removal of “5,700 beds in 2020” and regretted that there was “nothing new for the public hospital ”In the Prime Minister’s announcements.

The government can defend itself by recalling that the press conference was devoted to the management of the current coronavirus crisis, and not to the announcement of broader measures on the French healthcare system.

However, the elimination of hospital places is a subject that the government is struggling to get rid of, given the continuing health crisis. Since the start of the pandemic, the question has come up multiple times on the carpet, and the figures do not plead in favor of the current occupant of the Élysée Palace.

At least 17,000 closed beds

As CheckNews reminds us, the number of bed deletions is the subject of an annual publication by the DREES. After a first estimate, the figures are consolidated and refined over the next two years. Thus, in 2021, we have the precise number of closed beds between the start of the Macron five-year term in 2017 and until 2019: 12,200 in all. To which is added the estimate of 5,700 for 2020, knowing that the precise number will not be available until 2022.

And that’s without counting a damning report that appeared at the end of October. A survey carried out jointly by the President of the Scientific Council and of the National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE) and the logistics of the directors of the CHU estimated that out of around 387,000 open beds, at least 1 in 5 was not available due to lack of staff. caregiver. The government had tried to minimize or even challenge this figure, without really convincing.

During the Ségur de la Santé, Olivier Véran – with reason – argued that the massive bed closures did not date from the arrival in power of Emmanuel Macron. “We pay for thirty years of neglect,” he said, while promising an end to the “dogma” of reducing places and an envelope of 50 million euros to open 4,000 beds.

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