January 26, 2022

Covid-19: Jean-Michel Blanquer appears without a mask on television after being in contact with Olivier Véran

Jean-Michel Blanquer was the guest of the morning of France Info, Friday January 14, in order to react to the measures announced the day before after a day of strike which mobilized thousands of teachers throughout France.

The presence of the Minister of National Education on the television set challenged Internet users on social networks. Indeed, Jean-Michel Blanquer appeared without a mask, while he rubbed shoulders with the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, who tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday January 13.

On Twitter, Eric Billy, researcher in immuno-oncology and member of the collective On the side of science, reacted in particular. “So Jean-Michel Blanquer is Olivier Véran’s contact case, but he goes to the studio at France Info and doesn’t wear any mask!? Is this National Education protocol? How do you want to obtain public support for health measures?”, Wrote the health professional.

the minister not yet considered as a contact case

However, if Jean-Michel Blanquer and Olivier Véran met on Wednesday January 12, during the Council of Ministers, there is no evidence for the moment that there is contact. As the Health Insurance reminds us on its website, to be considered as a contact case, the person must have been in contact with “a person positive for Covid-19 without effective protective measures which are: a physical separation isolating the contact person of the confirmed or probable case by creating two spaces without communication and a surgical mask or an FFP2 or fabric mask “general public filtration greater than 90%””.

“Beyond knowing if Jean-Michel Blanquer is a contact case within the meaning of Health Insurance, arriving in a closed place, a radio studio without a mask after having rubbed shoulders with a Covid positive person, is sending a bad message. If we all want to get out of the pandemic, everyone must adhere to the messages, including respect for wearing a mask in closed places. To wear one on television is to recall this message, ”recalls for his part, Éric Billy, to Yahoo News.