January 26, 2022

Covid-19. Channel: a first restaurant forced to close for a week, due to lack of health pass control

The police check the pass and the identity of people. (© La Presse de la Manche)

With the rise of the‘epidemic from Covid-19 in the department of Some, authorities accentuate the checks of health pass in bars, restaurants and establishments open to the public. This Friday, November 27, 2021, several operations took place from north to south of the English Channel.

At lunchtime when establishments were well attended in Saint-Lo, the police carried out a pass verification operation in four restaurants and brasseries downtown. 141 people were checked, including 7 employees. “Everyone was in order. Other checks took place in the afternoon.

Three kebabs that don’t control in Cherbourg

In the evening it is at Cherbourg that the police were mobilized for nearly an hour.

We have already been carrying out daily checks for several months, but rather during the day. The idea now is to strengthen night checks. Always with this educational perspective to remind people of good behavior.

Louisa Yazid commissioner

By pair or trinomial, one dozen agents have thus controlled nine establishments from Peace Street. Three kebab managers admitted not having and not knowing how to use the necessary equipment, an application, to control the health pass of customers. Document that two employees of these restaurants did not even have. Kebabs are at risk of receiving a formal notice, the police having carefully noted their contact details.

A closed restaurant

In one of them, a 16-year-old man devouring his fries was unable to present his pass, nor did he have the app. His mother will receive a fine of 135 euros, just like the manager of a restaurant without a sanitary pass, who may even receive a formal notice. Surprisingly, no problem was to be deplored in his establishment: customers and staff, properly checked, were all in possession of the sesame.

Overall, the health pass is well respected in the departement. The vast majority of establishments verify customers’ famous sesame, but deviations from the rule are also observed. ” This morning (Editor’s note: Friday), the prefect signed a decree of administrative closure 7 days for a bar-restaurant in Cotentin, located by the sea ”indicates François Flahaut, chief of staff of the prefect of Manche.

In one week, the incidence rate increased by 50% in the department. It is urgent to curb the epidemic before the end of the year holidays. In particular, it is necessary to ensure that there is no fraudulent use of the health pass.

Francois Flahaut chief of staff of the prefect of Manche

Saint-lois is one of the sectors where the epidemic is blazing the most with a rate of 170 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while the departmental average was 110 on November 22.

Epidemic outbreak in Saint-Lô

A customer who does not have a pass where it is mandatory is liable to a fine of 135 €. For the owner of the establishment, it is a reminder to the rule with a formal notice to comply with it. In the event of a second breach, he is liable to administrative closure. And if a third breach is found within 45 days, it becomes a criminal offense punishable by one year of imprisonment and a fine of € 9,000.

Even with the pass, the masque becomes mandatory indoors again. To encourage the recalcitrant to vaccination, the period of validity of tests Covid is reduced to 24 hours from Monday.

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