January 24, 2022

confusion reigns on the left

” I assure you. On the left, everyone is talking to each other to find a solution. Why not a government contract? But we won’t say anything to journalists because that’s the best way to prevent it from working. “ François Lamy smiles and calmly lights a second cigarillo in front of the metal door of the Gilbert-Lavoine gymnasium in Laon. Former minister delegate to the city of François Hollande and ex-political advisor to Martine Aubry, he became, for a few weeks, that of Yannick Jadot, environmental candidate for the presidential election 2022. A useful position to understand the issue of the moment to the left. Even if it remains quite enigmatic: “You are in too much of a hurry. On the left, the union never happened overnight. We must leave time for time. “

Meeting of Yannick Jadot, ecological presidential candidate, in Laon, December 11, 2021.

Inside the said gymnasium, this Saturday, December 11, there is a meeting of Yannick Jadot. There are activists sitting in a circle on cardboard cubes and, in the middle, a violinist who plays classical music in cathedral silence, before giving the floor to the candidate. A bare frame, a soloist and a cardboard round, all of this can seem surreal enough to launch, supposedly on the hats of wheels, the first big meeting of his campaign. But in fact, for three days and a certain Wednesday, December 8, everything has become surreal on the left.

Meeting of Yannick Jadot, ecological presidential candidate, in Laon, December 11, 2021.

That evening, Anne Hidalgo proposed, on the set of TF1’s “20 hours”, to everyone’s surprise and at the end of an incredible day, to organize a citizen primary to unify this camp which lives a way of the cross in the polls. She probably made her decision on the train that took her that very morning to La Rochelle for a trip to the countryside, but from which she got off in Poitiers to return to Paris immediately. On a whim ? A stroke of blood? A shot of blues ? The mystery of this railway about-face remains to be clarified. “I have zero explanation. I stopped trying to understand ”, concludes François Lamy. Who knows ? This Wednesday will perhaps mark a fateful moment in the history of the left. We’ll find out later.

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“The mistigri of unity”

Anyway, apart from Arnaud Montebourg, who defended a similar position a few hours before that of the mayor of Paris, the candidates, from Yannick Jadot to the Insoumis Jean-Luc Mélenchon via the communist Fabien Roussel, rejected, brutally, the idea of ​​the socialist candidate. And since that famous Wednesday, has been invited, according to the main stakeholders, a sequence of intense “frogs” on the left. “Grenouillage” means, to hear them, that in view of the vagueness that governs a given political situation, each of the actors is in great difficulty in fixing the outcome and knowing what to do in the meantime. Everyone is on the phone. Everyone is bluffing to try to glean information or to give some substance to a rumor with very programmed obsolescence. Everyone develops their little more or less evanescent theory.

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