July 7, 2022

Claude Guéant’s release request will not be examined before January 19, his lawyer announces

Nicolas Sarkozy’s former interior minister will probably spend the holidays in prison.

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The request for the release of Claude Guéant, former Minister of the Interior of Nicolas Sarkozy, imprisoned since December 13 as part of a conviction dating from 2017 concerning the case of cash bonuses paid by Place Beauvau, does not will not be examined before January 19 by a judge, said Tuesday, December 21 to franceinfo, his master lawyer Bouchez El-Ghozi confirming information from Europe 1. The former first cop in France will therefore probably spend the end of the holiday season years in prison regrets his lawyer, because the judge indicated that he was not “not possible to examine this request” before January 19.

On Franceinfo, Sunday, Claude Guéant’s lawyer, Maître Philippe Bouchez El Ghozi, had finally indicated that his client had reimbursed his debt to the State on Thursday, December 16 and had in the process a request for a modification of the sentence. “Claude Guéant paid all of his debt to the Public Treasury thanks to loans granted to him by relatives”, said the lawyer.

Philippe Bouchez El Ghozi explained, on the day of imprisonment, that his client still owed “pay a sum of 115,000 euros” and that he was paying “for two years 3,000 euros by me which are seized on his pensions in the amount of 5,500 euros” and claimed that he only had 1,600 euros a month left and could not pay more.

Justice had decided to imprison Claude Guéant, 77, considering that he did not make the necessary payments to pay the fine of 75,000 euros and the damages he had been inflicted. He had also been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment, one of which was fixed, but had received a modified sentence and was serving him on parole.