January 29, 2022

Christmas 2021. What is the blob, this original and trendy gift that is a hit?

Since last September, a French company has launched into the marketing of blob strains. This unicellular organism, popularized by Thomas Pesquet during his last space mission, arouses curiosities. As Christmas approaches, this company doubles its turnover … every week.

Christmas is coming very soon. You are still drying on the gift that might surprise. Have you thought about the blob? This unicellular organism with surprising properties is the trend of the moment. A success to which Thomas Pesquet is no stranger.

During his recent space mission, the French astronaut popularized this orange-yellow and rather viscous organism. He had brought some with him to the International Space Station, to perform various experiments. At the same time, with the support of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the National Center for Space Studies (Cnes), he suggested that schoolchildren grow their own blob.

Already out of stock

To illustrate the enthusiasm surrounding this project, the daily La Voix du Nord notably produced a report last June in an establishment in Pas-de-Calais. We learned that the students had nicknamed their two proteges Blob Sinclar and Blob Marley in reference to the French DJ and the Jamaican singer!

“Children experiment by placing the two blobs in small boxes or in a maze to see their route to the foods on offer. On Wednesdays and weekends, school children take turns taking care of the blobs by taking them home. “, wrote our colleagues.

Feeding and maintaining a blob is now within the reach of everyone. Since last September, a French company has been marketing a box of this organism devoid of brain but of no interest, which is neither an animal nor a plant, and which is found in cool and humid environments.

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For Christmas, the Toulouse-based company even has a special offer. Sales are soaring, the site is even sometimes out of stock. Replenishments are daily, but Santa is advised not to wait until the last minute.

The site of the company Blob Shop sometimes displays a shortage of stock, a sign of the enthusiasm around this organization in this Christmas 2021.

“A very playful dimension”

This special Christmas box includes two blob strains, named Ava and Badhamia. The objective for those who will be the recipients will be to feed them and make them develop. It’s sort of a natural variation of the old digital version of tamagotchi.

For this, the box includes oats (for food), and agar-agar, a gelling product that allows the blob to move. Tools such as a pipette, spatula and forceps complete the Scientist Apprentice Kit. Its price is 39 €.

“There is really a very, very playful dimension, explains to France Inter the founder of Blob Shop, Arnaud Peyron. We don’t know how the blob will react, there are several species so they move differently, don’t eat the same thing, they have different characters so there is plenty to study on that. ”

One hundred boxes sold per day

Proof of this runaway around the blob: to meet demand, Arnaud Peyron hired an employee. “Initially, I sold one blob per week, then 10 per week and today we sell a hundred boxes per day”, he explains. As for the turnover of his young company, it doubles … every week.

The excitement around the blob does not only affect the Toulouse startup. Another company – Le labo du blob – also offers “a complete, turnkey mini pocket laboratory” sold at a price of 37 €. Here again, demand is strong. This Tuesday evening, December 14, the site was out of stock and could not guarantee delivery before Christmas. When we told you that you shouldn’t wait until the last moment …

The Labo du blob site is also showing shortages.
The Labo du blob site is also showing shortages.