January 24, 2022

Christiane Taubira is expected to end the suspense on Saturday over her presidential candidacy

Christiane Taubira should put an end on Saturday January 15 to the false suspense surrounding her candidacy for the presidential election during a trip to Lyon, at the risk of adding further confusion to an already largely fragmented left, but that she still hopes bring together.

The former Minister of Justice is due to speak on Saturday at 11 a.m. during a rally militant for the union of the left, in the district of Croix-Rousse. A symbolic choice by Christiane Taubira, in a nod to the Canuts, the old name of the workers in this silk district. She is “Attached to the recognition of the voice of those who toil, of the forgotten”, explains the president of the Left Radical Party, Guillaume Lacroix, a relative.

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In his statement, “She will talk about substance, her vision of France, what the left can bring to France, and what it can bring”, he explains. “Christiane Taubira wants to be the antidote to the weariness of the left-wing electorate, who are tired of dispersal”, adds former Socialist MP Christian Paul, mayor of Lormes (Nièvre), who is campaigning alongside him.

With less than three months of the first round, the left will count, with it, six main candidates, none of which for the moment exceeds 10% in the polls, whether it is the “rebellious” Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the environmentalist Yannick Jadot, the socialist Anne Hidalgo, the communist Fabien Roussel, or the cantor of ” the comeback “, Arnaud Montebourg.

Last to enter the arena, Christiane Taubira had announced at the end of December that she was considering being a candidate “Facing the dead end” of a left more divided than ever, and had given an appointment on January 15 to clarify its choice. The former justice minister of François Hollande assured that she would not be “Not one more candidate” and would put “All his strength in the last chances of union”.

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“No duel”

Although she has not yet recorded a breakthrough in the polls, the Guyanese has already made a step towards the presidential election Sunday, by promising to submit to the result of the Popular Primary. This provides for a « investiture » citizen from January 27 to 30 in which the other left-wing candidates refused to participate.

Anne Hidalgo had however campaigned for a primary of the left. But, faced with the refusal of others, she now says that she will go ” until the end “, and this even if Christiane Taubira came at the head of the Popular Primary. Christian Paul does, “The bet that in February there will be fewer candidates” and “Many will draw the consequences of the result of the primary”, which currently has 120,000 registered to vote.

For his part, the socialist mayor of Marseille, Benoît Payan, announced Thursday evening in an interview with the newspaper Release, that he would support whoever won the People’s Primary, while calling on the left to unite. “When we are facing the cliff, we jump, or we stop. And there, it is better to stop ”, also says Benoît Payan, believing that the left, « in these conditions [d’une multitude de candidatures], she will not win ”.

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Pierre Larrouturou and eleven left-wing activists end their hunger strike

Pierre Larrouturou and eleven activists advocating for the union of the left through the Popular Primary ended Friday, January 14, after eight days, their hunger strike to “medical reasons”, the MEP said in a statement. “Thanks to this strike, millions of our fellow citizens have heard our cry of alarm on the climate emergency and on the crucial issue of the gathering of leftists and environmentalists”, welcomes the collective.

The strike movement had been launched on Thursday January 6 by the representative of New Deal to urge the left-wing candidates to unite through the popular Primary. But the “rebellious” Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the ecologist Yannick Jadot and, finally also, the socialist Anne Hidalgo have in turn refused to participate in this citizens’ initiative which must nominate a candidate from January 27 to 30. Only Christiane Taubira says she agrees to play the popular Primary game.

The citizens’ initiative will designate its champion through a majority judgment vote – the voter is called upon to give mentions, “rejected” at ” very good “, the person who wins being the one with the best median – even against the will of the winner.

Among the hunger strikers were, in addition to Pierre Larrouturou, Anne Hessel – the daughter of Stéphane Hessel – the ecologist Pierre Monnier and seven activists presenting themselves as “young people of the climate generation”. Despite the cessation of their strike, they continue to maintain that the left “can still win in 2022” and “the rally will still be possible in February, after the vote on January 30” of the popular Primary.

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