May 14, 2022

Christiane Taubira clarifies her position on vaccines (and her controversial exit)

POLITICS – Now that she has (re)become a campaign politician, Christiane Taubira no longer wants to leave room for doubt: she has “never been anti-vax” and has “never stopped” calling for vaccination, despite controversial remarks last September.

In Guyana, as in several overseas departments, the population remained reluctant to vaccines against Covid-19. Christiane Taubira, whose notoriety on the spot is great, had however refused to massively call for vaccination, arguing that she was “not a political leader in exercise and that she did not “have the information that would formally allow him to give instructions”. The statement, made while Guyana was still in a tense hospital situation, had even the Minister of Health react.

Since then, the former Keeper of the Seals has tried several times to explain himself. And now a candidate for the Élysée, she did it again, very clearly, this Tuesday, January 18 on France Inter. “I never had any doubts” about the vaccine and its reliability, she insisted, recalling having said “everything[elle] thought” antivax a few days before its controversial release – namely that, “their arguments were a tissue of imbecility”.

“I have never stopped saying that the vaccine is the answer that protects us and allows our hospitals to function”

She explained that her remarks were not so much about the vaccine, as the way the health crisis was managed in Guyana. “There was a specific situation in Guyana, a situation of tension (with) a high administration which spends its time saying unpleasant things to Guyanese and Guyanese, to aggravate a situation of mistrust. What I was asking for was mediation. And I said that I did not have the elements to explain why this high administration was taking contradictory measures”, specified the former minister of François Hollande.

Favorable to the vaccination pass, with limits

Christiane Taubira said she was in favor of the vaccine pass which “does not [lui] no problem.” On the other hand, it opposed the provision of the text on identity checks by traders for whom the pass is required. This provision, voted by the Assembly then removed by the Senate, was finally reinstated and adopted at the end of the parliamentary shuttle.

“What I have a problem with is entrusting citizens – restaurants, shopkeepers, etc. – checking the identity of their fellow citizens. This poses a real problem for me”, she regretted, recalling her past as Keeper of the Seals and her attachment to questions of “individual freedoms and responsibility”. “It is a responsibility to control the identity of a fellow citizen,” she added.

More broadly, Christiane Taubira denounced the desire to “martialize everything” of the current tenant of the Elysée. “The pandemic has shown us that there is no public health policy here. Faced with this pandemic, the current President of the Republic has decided to set up a Defense Council. A scientific and public health council would have been, I believe, unquestionably more relevant”, judged the one who now has the ambition to take the place of Emmanuel Macron.

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