July 1, 2022

CBD: the Council of State invalidates the ban on the sale of smoking flowers

CANNABIS – New twist in the battle over the sale of products containing CBD. The Council of State has decided to temporarily suspend the government decree which prohibited the sale of flowers and raw cannabis leaves.

“The interim judge of the Council of State considers that there is a serious doubt about the legality of this general and absolute prohibition measure because of its disproportionate nature”, indicates the body in the decision made public on Monday, after the January 14 hearing.

According to the Council of State, “it does not appear, at the end of the contradictory instruction and the exchanges which took place during the public hearing, that the flowers and leaves of cannabis sativa L. whose THC content is less than 0.3% would present a degree of harmfulness to health justifying a total and absolute ban”.

“The Battle Continues”

“This victory is that of the alliance of civil society and economic actors, it is historic, rejoiced Bechir Saket, one of the leaders of the L630 association. The battle continues.”

Yannick Jadot, environmental candidate for the presidential election, hailed “a historic victory”. “Bravo to all the actresses and actors involved,” he also added.

Another victory for the French CBD sector: the State was ordered to pay 1,000 euros to professionals in the sector who had filed an interim release, on January 3, to suspend the decree issued by the government on December 31 last.

On January 7, the Constitutional Council also sided with the defenders of the marketing of products containing CBD – the non-psychotropic molecule of cannabis to which relaxing properties are attributed. The Elders had clarified two of the criteria for defining a narcotic product – “risk of addiction” and “harmful health effects” – and considered that CBD-based products, including the flower, did not fall within the scope. scope of this definition.

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