January 26, 2022

CARDS. Incidence rate, hospitalizations … the health situation in your department

Contamination is increasing, but much slower than in November 2021 (© MR / Liberté le Bonhomme libre)

The health situation continues to deteriorate. This Monday, December 13, 2021, the indicators are once again part of the a sharp increase in contamination, everywhere in France, and among all segments of the population, especially the youngest. But the pace seems to be calming down and hospitals remain under control.

We take stock locally.

The incidence rate close to its historical level

With 501.3 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the incidence rate is approaching its historical level (501.5 on November 2, 2020) and should exceed it this Monday or Tuesday.

Nevertheless, “We are reaching the peak of the 5th wave”, said the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, during an interview with Parisian, Sunday 12 December.

Daily contaminations increased by 60% over one week. It is now much less. Between the 4th and yesterday, the increase is only 5%. While the number of screening tests has increased by 25% in the meantime.

Olivier VéranHealth Minister

It remains to be seen whether these contaminations will decrease or remain on a plateau.

If the situation remains reassuring in certain departments, it is much less so in Ardèche, Drôme or even Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, with an incidence rate of over 800/100 000 inhabitants.

Childhood vaccination, a “necessity” for Jean Castex

Among the youngest, especially those under 11, contamination also increases more slowly. But the numbers remain at a very high level. There is an average of 1,075 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants among 6-10 year olds. A situation which is explained by the multiplication of tests, but also by the vaccine which is not open to this age group.

Prime Minister Jean Castex also sees “the vaccination of children” as a “necessity”, he told our colleagues from France Bleu Alsace.

Children are transmitters. I am a living example: it was my 11-year-old daughter who gave me the virus a few weeks ago. I was vaccinated, so I only had an extremely mild form.

Jean CastexPrime Minister

“Omicron will be predominant in the coming weeks”

Another concern, circulation of the Omicron variant in France. According to the latest data provided by Public Health France, dated December 9, 59 proven cases have been detected in the country.

According to Nathan Peiffer-Smadja, head of the infectious disease clinic at Bichat hospital in Paris, this variant “will be predominant in France in the coming weeks”, and will therefore replace the Delta variant, which is already very contagious.

In the UK, this variant caused one death, the first official in the world. Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, compares Omicron to “a tidal wave” and announces a strong acceleration of the vaccine booster campaign.

Hospitals much less used than in previous waves

To deal with this situation, the white plan has been activated in hospitals in several French regions, and should be everywhere in France in the coming days. This makes it possible to increase the number of beds, to deprogram certain non-urgent operations or to call in reinforcement of students or retirees of the profession.

This Monday, the occupancy rate (proportion of patients with Covid-19 currently in intensive care compared to the total number of beds in initial capacity) was 51% (against barely 22% a month ago). It even reaches 67% in Corsica and 69% in the PACA region.

Hospitals, however, remain significantly less in demand than in the first, second and third waves, where the occupancy rate reached 139%, 97% and 119% respectively. A sign that people affected by the end of 2021 are much less affected by serious forms.

Today, there are 125 deaths per day (average smoothed over a week), against 532 in April 2020 and 419 in November 2020.

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