January 29, 2022

Capesterre-Belle-Eau accident: There were 11 in Pajéro

The information had been circulating on social networks since yesterday afternoon. It was confirmed by an official source last night. There were 11 people in the white Pajero: 8 women and 3 men. If some were minors, the average age of the occupants of the vehicle was 20 years

11 in a 3-door Pajero. And this is one, if not the main cause of the accident. The weight of these 11 people leads to a new distribution of mass, hardly compatible with a vehicle of this type. Its center of gravity is changed, the vehicle becomes unstable and liable to overturn at the slightest driving error.

Alcohol is considered to be an aggravating factor. Still according to this same source, all the occupants of the Pajero were going to a party in Capesterre Belle-Eau. Most were already heavily alcoholic, as evidenced by some videos circulating on social networks as well as the bottles and other plastic cups found at the scene of the tragedy.

Investigators from the Capesterre Belle Eau gendarmerie brigade are nevertheless continuing the hearings. One last person, a young girl hospitalized, is due to undergo surgery this Sunday morning. His testimony should allow the cycle of hearings to be concluded.

©E. Stimpfling

Invited this Saturday on the Guadeloupe La 1ère television news, the Prefect Alexandre Rochatte reacted to this road accident before repeating the determination of the public authorities in the face of the road insecurity that is rife in Guadeloupe.


On site, since December 25, 2021, this small place on the road between Capesterre-Belle-Eau and Goyave has become a place of remembrance where relatives and acquaintances of the victims come to bow.