May 22, 2022

Canada: impressive images of antivax drivers expected Saturday in Ottawa

Hundreds of Canadian truckers, gathered in convoys, must conclude this Saturday a long journey to the capital Ottawa to denounce the obligation to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to cross the Canada-US border.

Canada and the United States impose the vaccine passport against Covid-19 to cross this border, the longest in the world with nearly 9,000 km.

This measure came into force on January 15 in Canada and last Saturday in the United States.

To protest against these measures, several dozen Canadian truckers set off in a convoy on Sunday from Vancouver, on the Pacific coast, to the federal capital some 4,400 km further east, Canadian media reported. Some say it would be 70 kilometers long.

The “Freedom Convoy”, as it was baptized by the truckers, gathered other demonstrators on its route, and must be joined by other convoys from Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance, a major industry association, however, “strongly disapproved” of the event, saying the “vast majority” of truck drivers are vaccinated in Canada.

For carriers who do not comply with the new rules, the American authorities threaten a permanent ban from the territory, while Canada imposes on unvaccinated truckers returning from the United States a quarantine of fourteen days.