January 26, 2022

Brigitte Macron invokes Rabelais to defend Macron’s sentence on the unvaccinated

COVID-19 – All that was missing was the reaction of the First Lady. More than a week after the shocking sentence of Emmanuel Macron in The Parisian, Brigitte Macron was invited this Wednesday, January 12 to position herself on the “very want to piss off” the non-vaccinated.

Invited by TF1’s 1 p.m. newscast to talk about the Yellow Pieces operation, the wife of the Head of State had to respond to Jacques Legros, who obviously very much wanted to have the opinion of this former French teacher on this phrasing. “As a former French teacher, you would never have said something like that?” Asked the journalist.

Not wishing to “comment on the comments” after more than a week of controversy, Brigitte Macron simply mentioned the humanist writer François Rabelais to defend Emmanuel Macron: “Well, I made Rabelais study who also had a flowery language”, she tries to answer, referring to the 16th century writer and doctor, known for his books Pantagruel and Gargantua but also for its slang. “I always look at what is behind this sentence, and behind this sentence, it is the current situation in the hospital”, finally judges the First lady.

It’s up to the journalist to outbid. He then asks Brigitte Macron what she would like to say to the unvaccinated. Delicate question to which she decides not to really answer, preferring to withdraw from the words of the Head of State: “I am not a doctor, I am not elected, so who am I, me, to go tell people to go do this, go do that, ”she asks.

“They would not understand and I would understand that they do not understand it, so I say to them: ‘I am getting vaccinated because I know that there are no other solutions at the moment’”, she adds, however, before repeating that she does not call directly for vaccination. “I think I know where my box is”, specifies the First Lady who has always assured that she was not playing politics.

“I fear hate”

The First Lady also confided her fears on the political climate within 3 months of the first round. “I fear violence, I fear hatred, I also fear this kind of permanent crescendo, we are going further and further,” she explained. “Why attack elected officials in this way, with so much violence, where is the limit?”, She continued about the aggression on Sunday of an LREM deputy from Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon by antivax. “I hope that the electoral campaign will be an exemplary campaign, allow me to dream sometimes”, she added.

She did not comment on the probable candidacy of Emmanuel Macron for a new term. “I heard he wanted to and hadn’t made up his mind. So, like you, I await his decision, ”she assured. “We talk a lot about everything, but in the context of the presidential election I want to say that in no way I try to influence him, to convince him, to persuade him. Never. Because it is the story between the French and a man or a woman and I absolutely do not have to intervene. I forbid myself. ”

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