January 29, 2022

Brigitte Barèges released by the Court of Appeal: “The boss is back” in Montauban

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A few hours after being released by the Toulouse Court of Appeal of the facts of embezzlement of public funds, Brigitte Barèges organized a press conference at the town hall of Montauban to express her relief. In the presence of a hundred supporters who gave her a long ovation, the elected LR announced that she would resume before Christmas her duties as mayor of Montauban, president of the agglomeration council and Sirtomad.

“What does not kill you makes you stronger.” Brigitte Barèges could well make her own this adage of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, this Tuesday evening December 14 at the Town Hall, when, cleared of all suspicion by justice, the former lawyer resumed her place on the political scene of Tarn -et-Garonne.

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A scene that she had to abandon overnight, on February 9, when the Toulouse court had condemned her for “embezzlement of public funds” to 12 months in prison, 15,000 euros fine and above all five years of ineligibility … a sentence accompanied by provisional execution. Brigitte Barèges had appealed against this judgment. Last October 28, excellently defended by Me Laurent de Caunes and Me Philippe Petit, a lawyer in public law from Lyon, Brigitte Barèges left the Court of Appeal “with impressions of a favorable hearing; I had to face me three attentive magistrates, I believed in it and I am happy to have believed in it. “

Piette Terme, companion of Brigitte Barèges and a delegation of elected officials had made the trip to the Toulouse Court of Appeal. They had a very emotional time.

However, Brigitte Barèges will have doubted until the last minute. “I did not have the courage to come and attend the deliberation. I was pacing up and down at home, when Pierre (Editor’s note: his companion) called me, as he was in tears on the phone, I thought so. is, I lost, well no it was the opposite. ”

And Brigitte Barèges, speaking in front of a hundred people (masked) gathered in the reception hall of the Town Hall, to say “thank you to those who supported me for 10 months. I said that” was 10 months of purgatory. This feeling of dispossession, it is not always easy to live “, confides Brigitte Barèges who says” to have drawn strength in the marks of support “of the Montalbanais crossed in the street these last months. “I will not forget those two days in police custody, the seizure of my bank accounts and all this humiliation, but today I cannot shy away from my pleasure, my emotion.” Strong feelings shared away from the cameras and microphones with his children, his grandchildren, his companion and his 94-year-old mother.

In the reception room of the Town Hall, Brigitte Barèges received a long ovation.

In the reception room of the Town Hall, Brigitte Barèges received a long ovation.

But the politician has lost none of her fighting virtues. “It’s not over, the job, I come back in shape after these 10 months of forced rest, but I still have the same passion that lives in me”, she launched to the audience to say that she immediately resumed the reins of power in Montauban.

New mayor and president of the agglomeration by Christmas

Legally, the decision to release the Toulouse Court of Appeal has made her a municipal councilor and a community councilor … but not yet the mayor of Montauban and the president of the agglomeration of Grand Montauban. The mayor Axel de Labriolle and the president of the CAGM Thierry Deville, who had succeeded him in February, had to agree to leave their place … which they did on Tuesday afternoon, by sending their letter of resignation to the prefect. Marie-Claude Berly did the same with regard to the presidency of Sirtomad.

Brigitte Barèges did not hide her emotion this Tuesday evening when it came to resuming her place in political life.

Brigitte Barèges did not hide her emotion this Tuesday evening when it came to resuming her place in political life.

Brigitte Barèges explains how things are going to happen: “The prefect must approve these resignations and, noting the vacancy of the executive of these councils, enjoin us to summon their members to reinstate the governance. Knowing that the convocation period is five days , we would like everything to be done and ratified before Christmas “.

The Montauban team is back together again. With the return of our captain, we will be even more efficient.

This resumption of power of Brigitte Barèges was done without qualms, at least in appearance. “I cry today because I find my mother in politics,” said Ms. Berly. For Thierry Deville, “we have to forget all that; we often say that forgiveness is the violet that the heel crushes, so let’s forget the anger”. And the soon to be ex-president of the agglomeration to “thank the elected officials for having been with us, for having supported us and not having doubted” and his chief of staff Stéphanie Le Furaut.

More jovial, Axel de Labriolle had very warm words towards Brigitte Barèges. “We gave her back the key to the city as we had promised. I regretted, 10 months ago, the loss of our captain who had received a yellow card. Today, she is back on the boat. The Montauban team is back together again, so we should be even more efficient “. And Axel de Labriolle to launch, to the cheers: “Now, it’s time for an aperitif to celebrate the return of the boss with dignity”.

Will the general prosecutor’s office go to cassation?

The decision rendered on Tuesday by the 3rd correctional appeals chamber of the Toulouse Court of Appeal does not yet definitively close the “Barèges case”. The Public Prosecutor’s Office has a period of five days in which to appeal on points of law. “Indeed, it is a possibility but this appeal would not be suspensive”, specifies the former lawyer Brigitte Barèges. Questioned at the beginning of the afternoon in the room of not lost of the Court of Appeal, Me Laurent de Caunes, one of the counsels of the mayor of Montauban, seemed confident that this file would not go into effect. cassation. “The offense was not constituted. I think that the decision of the magistrates of the court of appeal went in the direction of the right and I do not see how the general prosecutor’s office would go against the meaning of the law. “