January 25, 2022

Bosz in the hot seat, White approaching and desired by Aulas?

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Arrived last summer at Olympique Lyonnais, Peter Bosz has since known the greatest difficulties to succeed in Ligue 1, while OL have succeeded in everything in the Europa League, with a first place and an easy qualification for the round of 16 . But in the league, the Dutch coach cannot do it and his team is currently 11th. A ranking far from the standards of Gones and which would put Bosz in the hot seat. Because Jean-Michel Aulas, although with the support of his coach in front of the media, would like the coach to perform as quickly as possible, especially since he would have the name of another coach in mind.

Laurent Blanc desired by Aulas?

During an interview with Europe 1, Aulas spoke of the case Laurent Blanc, currently coach in Qatar, confident that he had the profile of the former coach of PSG in a corner of his head. “Yes, I think about it. At the time, I was in solidarity with Juninho (former sports director of OL, who had preferred to hire Rudi Garcia, Editor’s note). He is a boy who has incomparable experience. I had seen him for a long time in Russia during the World Cup. I had felt this ability in him. Things did not happen. But you never know? […] Peter Bosz, it’s tough. But there is no result to match. We said ‘we continue’ until the end of February to see what happens but in my mind, we are not going to put ourselves in danger. […] We will not be idiots, ”said the strong man of OL, thus putting a lot of pressure on Bosz, who must now move up the standings with his team.

Aulas still thinks of Laurent Blanc

Peter Bosz, in the hard with OL in Ligue 1, could well be in the hot seat for the benefit of Laurent Blanc. The president of Olympique Lyonnais Jean-Michel Aulas would not have forgotten the profile of the former coach of Paris Saint-Germain.