May 22, 2022

Boris Johnson photographed a beer in hand in full containment?

UK – Every time he apologizes. And each time, the case bounces back even more. Entangled for weeks in the “PartyGate” scandal, these parties organized at his residence at 10 Downing Street in full confinement and while gatherings were prohibited, Boris Johnson is again under fire from critics, this time after the British press revealed the existence of a photograph showing him holding a beer during one of these events.

This snapshot is one of the many documents sent to the investigators in charge of the case by Sue Gray, the senior official who wrote a damning report for the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. According to our colleagues, it would have been taken during the party organized for the birthday of Boris Johnson in June 2020 by one of the official photographers of the conservative leader, a man therefore paid by the taxpayer.

We see, still according to the English press, Boris Johnson brandishing a can of beer from the Estrella brand, in a gesture inviting to toast in the direction of the camera. At his side appears Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, that is to say the Minister of Finance and the Treasury, whose name comes up with insistence to succeed Boris Johnson if the latter were to resign because of the scandal.

Still more pressure on BoJo

However, and this is the crux of the problem, at this time, any indoor gathering was strictly prohibited by the health rules in force. Acknowledging that this birthday party had indeed taken place, but ensuring that it was a surprise orchestrated by Carrie, Boris Johnson’s companion, and that the person concerned had only made a brief appearance there less than ten minutes, the firm of 10 Downing Street has already tried to dismantle the case.

But this shot would therefore relaunch the scandal, proving a little more that the Prime Minister has in no way respected the health measures taken by his government to fight against covid-19. All the more, add in particular the Daily Mirror, that Boris Johnson’s birthday would have continued with the family in the apartments of the head of government, which would constitute a new prank.

Assertions that Boris Johnson’s cabinet has so far refused to comment on, explaining that it does not want to comment while a police investigation is underway. In recent days, faced with the accumulation of revelations on the “PartyGate” because of the report by Sue Gray, four close associates of the Prime Minister have however resigned.

A major figure in the Labor opposition, Angela Rayner leads the new offensive against “BoJo”, telling the Mirror: “The Downing Street photographer is paid for out of tax, and therefore the public has every right to see the photographs they have funded, including those of the Prime Minister’s birthday.” One more call for all the elements of Sue Gray’s report to be revealed, which could weigh heavily in the political future of the head of the British government.

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