July 1, 2022

Boris Johnson participated in a party for his birthday in full confinement

The revelations about the parties organized on the side of Downing Street during the confinement across the Channel are endless. On Monday January 24, the ITV television channel revealed that the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, celebrated his birthday on June 19, 2020 in the company of relatives, in full confinement, despite the rules in force. Revelations that overwhelm the Conservative leader already widely criticized for parties in Downing Street.

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Up to 30 people are believed to have attended the party hosted by Prime Minister’s wife Carrie Johnson, including interior designer Lulu Lytle, who was responsible for carrying out the costly renovation of Boris Johnson’s Downing Street flat , with controversial funding.

A participation of “less than ten minutes”

According to a Downing Street spokeswoman, Boris Johnson participated “less than ten minutes” to this gathering of his collaborators.

ITV News reports that friends of the Johnson family would have participated in another event organized on the evening of June 19 on the floor of the Prime Minister’s residence, which his services denied.

“It is totally false. In accordance with the rules at the time, the Prime Minister welcomed a small number of his family members outside that evening., a dit Downing Street.

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Party Series

Implicated for a series of celebrations in Downing Street in full confinement, Boris Johnson, aged 57, is encountering the worst crisis since his triumphant accession to power in the summer of 2019.

Anger over the parties, which came as people were asked to drastically reduce their interactions, caused his popularity to plummet in opinion polls.

The head of government has, for the moment, escaped a vote of no confidence from his conservative camp and refers to the conclusions of the internal investigation carried out by senior civil servant Sue Gray, which should be published soon.

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Former influential adviser to Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings refused to be interviewed as part of this investigation, saying that if he accepted, “the Prime Minister invent[ait] absurd stories ». He preferred to testify in writing.

Dominic Cummings, who has regularly launched attacks on his former leader since his departure at the end of 2020 amid infighting, has warned that “other damaging stories” would emerge if the Prime Minister did not resign.

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