May 14, 2022

Bolloré’s hearing in the Senate turns into a salvo of punchlines

MEDIA – Vincent Bolloré opened the ball in his own way. First of the big owners of the French media to be heard by the Senate this Wednesday, January 19, Vincent Bolloré did not miss the opportunity to put on a show.

The elected members of the commission of inquiry publicly interviewed Vincent Bolloré, boss and majority shareholder of many French media such as Canal+, CNews, the JDD, Paris Match or Europe 1 radio as part of a survey to assess “the impact of media concentration in France on democracy”.

Highly anticipated, Vincent Bolloré did not hide his lack of desire to participate in this hearing just a month from his retirement. Rather accustomed to secrecy, he rather took the opportunity to chain shocking little sentences on a multitude of subjects, after a first striking sequence where it took several minutes to list all of his activities.

And it is with a slip considered by many as revealing that he opened hostilities when the senators did not fail to question him on his hold on the French media, as you can see in the the video of the tweet below.

“Nobody thought, nobody knew that Eric Zemmour was going to become President of the Republic,” he slipped at the end of this answer. The socialist senator and rapporteur of the investigation David Assouline did not fail to remind him that “he is not yet”.

Thereafter, he chained the punchlines, even denying having supported the political rise of the far-right candidate Eric Zemmour under the title that his “work consisted in discovering talents” and that he had already “discovered this talent ” like others before him and quote: “Yves Calvi, Bono or Marc Lévy”.

On the merits, David Assouline does not seem in any case to have been convinced by Vincent Bolloré’s spectacle of dodging, in particular on questions relating to his interference in the editorial staff and on the departures of various personalities following criticism at the against the head of Vivendi.

Thursday, January 20, it will be the turn of Bernard Arnault, owner of echoes and you Parisian to take an oath before the senators. With this public inquiry, Senator David Assouline hopes to create a real public debate around his report which will be released at the end of March.

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