July 4, 2022

Biarritz is knocked out by a Montpellier team reduced to 14!

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The kick-off is given by the Biarrots who put pressure on the visitors from the first seconds of the match. After 15 minutes of play, it is the Montpellier who opened the scoring through the intermediary of André Pollard after several playing times of the forwards. The South African opener thus marks his first try of the season and Garbisi transforms, 0-7 in favor of the Cistes.

The Biarrots responded immediately with a penalty which passed between the poles well hit by Brett Herron. Biarritz does not want to be left behind in the score, 3-7. Montpellier takes a 7 point lead after a fault of indiscipline of a forward of the BO, 3-10.

Pushed by its public, Biarritz does not give up and sends the game in all directions without succeeding in finding the loophole in the defense of Montpellier. The promoted come back to 4 points behind their opponent with a new penalty from their English opener, 6-10.

Montpellier took advantage of the lack of discipline of the BO to pass 3 more points by the Italian opening half, but Herron replied immediately after a good scratching from the Biarrots, 9-13. The two teams are neck and neck.

A few seconds before half-time, Biarritz returned to a small point from Montpellier after a new penalty from Brett Herron, the Englishman achieved a clear 12-13.

The whistle sounds the start of the second period and it is the Biarrots who want to get their hands on the ball. The locals push, but the men of Philippe Saint-André do not break. Still 12-13 after 15 minutes of play.

Everything comes alive and Biarritz is on the verge of scoring a try, but that’s without counting on the magnificent defense of Montpellier.

In the 61st minute, it was Bastien Chalureau who made a mistake a second time. He therefore receives a second yellow card and automatically a red card. The second row leaves its partners at 14 for the last 20 minutes. No points have been scored yet, but this outing could change everything.

Against all expectations, Montpellier scored his second try of the game after a lightning counterattack. International winger Vincent Rattez plunges into the in-goal after a great race, 12-18. It is transformed by Paolo Garbisi, 12-20.

The bench of Cistes makes the difference and definitively pushes the meeting with a test from Masivesi Dakuwaqa barely returned, 12-27. Montpellier literally reversed the trend and signed a 6th consecutive victory.

Biarritz Olympique – Montpellier Herault Rugby : 12-27 (BO)

to summarize

Biarritz Olympique did not resist the power and physical density of Montpellier. Reduced to 14, the Montpellier residents were able to wake up despite the numerical inferiority.
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