May 22, 2022

BFMTV and Éric Zemmour in Montreuil? The channel will have to change location

PRESIDENTIAL – Éric Zemmour is persona non grata in Montreuil (also). The presidential Reconquest candidate must participate on February 9 in a political program on BFMTV. He had wanted it to be shot in the city of Seine-Saint-Denis where he was born. But the owners of the studio canceled the filming on their premises, citing their “values ​​in total opposition to the words of the far-right polemicist”.

After Valérie Pécresse, Éric Zemmour is the second candidate received on the show France in the eyes on the news channel continuously. The shooting was planned at Chaudronneries, a co-working space in Montreuil. But, as reported The Parisian, on discovering the identity of the guest, the owners of the place preferred to withdraw from the project.

“The work of our teams and the project leaders residing at Les Chaudronneries is resolutely oriented towards the search for new societal and environmental ecologies, which prioritize issues of diversity, solidarity and mutual aid. Exchanges and mutual learning, stemming from heterogeneous lives and cultural practices, are essential to support societal transformations, which are now inevitable. This is why this event is not possible at the Boilerworks”, write the officials in a press release quoted in the daily.

The show should not be canceled for all that, BFMTV having a plan B to ensure the filming, specifies the same source. But not necessarily in Montreuil. “The show will take place in Seine-Saint-Denis”, confines itself to specifying the channel at HuffPost.

Complicated trips for Zemmour

The former journalist, sentenced for incitement to racial hatred, goes on complicated trips. Villepinte, Marseille, Calais and perhaps soon Lille… His big meeting scheduled for Saturday February 5 in the city of the socialist Martine Aubry is the subject of a call for mobilization on the part of SOS Racisme, supported by the municipality.

Also in Montreuil, PCF mayor Patrick Bessac decided to speak out against the arrival of “a personality who divides and distills hatred in our country.”

Stressing the city’s attachment to “diversity” and “human wealth”, he called on the inhabitants to a rally on February 9 in the early evening, in front of the town hall “where a gypsy resistant planted the tricolor flag in August 1944, where Spanish Republicans were welcomed, where we supported migrant workers from the Bara home.”

Montreuil residents are also encouraged to “demonstrate their desire to live well together” by displaying during the weekend “wherever we can, our pride in representing these values ​​which make us who we are and which carry our idea of ​​France. ”

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