January 18, 2022

Barça: the police had to intervene after the match, Xavi and Emery put out the fire!

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Last night, FC Barcelona signed an important victory on the lawn of Villarreal, signing their second consecutive success in La Liga (3-1). However, it was very tense at the end of the match between the two benches as Xavi pointed out the attitude of the staff of the yellow submarine. A controversy that the Barcelona technician wanted to extinguish: “Nothing, none of that. I don’t understand the anger. These are the backdrops of the game, the tension, nothing more. I expected Emery’s greeting. I don’t understand his anger. These are things that happen. These are football things. At the end, we shook hands. There is sportsmanship“he said, Unai Emery being on the same page:”I have great appreciation for Xavi. We were discussing the actions of the game and a greeting doesn’t take anything away. The greeting stays there, without having to be physical“he declared after the meeting in remarks relayed by Mark.

The police must have intervened!

According to Emilio Pérez de Rozas, collaborator for Radio Marca and Cadena COPE, the quarrel would have left after a statement by the former PSG coach declaring: “As always they give it to you, they give it to you“on the bench, which Xavi would have taken badly. Ricardo Rosety, journalist for Movistar +, even announces that the police had to intervene for the two camps in the tunnel, they who were on their way to the locker room:”In the locker room tunnel, an analyst Villarreal and José Ramón de la Fuente, Barca’s goalkeeper coach, clashed. What happened is that some have crossed the euphoria of victory and others, that of defeat.“he thus concluded in remarks granted to the Cadena COPE.

to summarize

While the end of the match between FC Barcelona and Villarreal was stormy, Xavi and Unai Emery put out the fire. Indeed, both men indicated that these were things that happened in football.